Friday, September 14, 2007

Another failure of the War on Drugs

This poor addict has been just rolling around in the Demon Weed and his glazed eyes and tormented nasal passages are staring downwards at his next fix. Clearly, the War on Drugs has been an utter failure for this catnip addict, who has no trouble getting access to his demon weed (or heroin) despite all efforts of our brave leaders in Washington D.C. and elsewhere.

-- Badtux the Addiction Penguin


  1. think I need a beer.


  2. And you provide that stuff to that poor little kitty? You... you... Drug Pusher, you!

  3. I provide catnip to that poor little kitty, certainly. Like any pusher, I am in it for the profit. Mencken pays me a lot of purrs for his catnip. I do so like purrs...

    - Badtux the Purr Penguin

  4. Where can I find one?!!


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