Monday, September 03, 2007

Nothing new

Let's see, batshit-crazy neo-cons want to "destroy" Iran's military with a few thousand airstrikes? Yeah, like that worked so well for the Israelis when they tried to destroy Hizballah. Didn't work so well when we tried to destroy Serbia's military that way either, the Serbs happily sent out decoy convoys of confiscated Kosovar vehicles to be blasted by our jets, they didn't withdraw from Kosovo until our jets started blowing up their bridges and power plants. So now Dear Leader thinks he can do better than Bill Clinton, just as five years ago he thought he could do better than his Daddy? Madness.

And Dear Leader poses with soldiers in Iraq to boost his polling numbers? Hmm, dunno where we've seen that before. Oh yeah, TURKEE!

And a Gay Old Pervert resigns from Congress? Seems to have been a lot of that.

Oh well. At least the cats are settling back in. They were a bit upset that I left them alone for three days, but they'll get over it.

-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


  1. Only the brainwashed back and cheer that idiot. But there are a lot of brainwashed monkeys on this planet.

    My cats never miss me, they mostly live outside and when I'm gone the old lady next door spoils them.

    They think the only reason I exist is to feed them.

  2. With three of the critters, I can't go much more than an overnight. One of the cats will not poop in a litter box that is filthy; if they are not cleaned out at least daily, he will let me know.


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