Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A concise summary of RomneyCare/HillaryCare

RomneyHillaryCare is a giveaway to the insurance industry (which doesn't want to insure sick people, just healthy people) and big business (which wants to be out of the health care industry). It takes the costs of healthcare and passing them directly to the person who decides if they should have the operation to extend their own lives or standard of living or not. Everybody under Rillary care will be forced to buy into plans with huge deductibles. At that point it will all be out of pocket for them and they'll be forced to stop buying healthcare.

As demand is chopped down (at the same rate that Americans are falling over due to lack of healthcare), we'll move down the supply curve until the remaining population is able to afford staying alive. In short, RilaryCare is a mechanism for weeding out the sick people in the economy and planting them under the ground so that insurance companies can make money off the remaining healthy people.

Ration life, it's precious. Remember, the right to life ends with birth!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

PS -- the same person wrote Hillary2Care as wrote Romneycare (implemented in Massachusetts under Governor Mitt Romney's administration), and the two plans are virtually identical. Which makes Mitt Romney's criticism of Hillary's plan *especially* hilarious. This is on par with Gay Old Pervert Republican politicians making speeches about the "evil Gay lifestyle" bwahahahahah!


  1. Jeez, I had no idea how these two plans were basically one plan with a little lipstick on it.

    Mitt will do or say anything he thinks might get him one more vote.

    What a sorry list of choices the repubs have for 08. I could live with any of the dem candidates but I think I'd have to shoot myself if one of the repubs should win.

  2. POP, I would vote for Hillary over any of the Republicans, but only under a "lesser of two evils" principle. She's a Republican in Democratic drag, in the end. But a *smart* Republican. Which doesn't apply to any of the other Republicans in the race, with the exception of Romney and Julie-annie, who are smart but evil evil evil.

    At the moment, given that Richardson has pretty much flamed out, John Edwards looks like the least offensive of the candidates. Unfortunately Edwards is unlikely to go anywhere because he just doesn't know how to effectively deal with the Republican slime machine and keeps making stupid mistakes. He just lacks the experience of having to deal with the Republican slime machine for over 12 years now that the Clintons have. Politics is not a courtroom, and the tactics he would use a courtroom simply do not work in politics. But right now I think if the Democrats ran a blue dog they could win the Presidency, so I'd love to see him as the Democratic nominee anyhow. Ain't happenin', but a penguin can dream, eh?

    _ Badtux the Dreamin' Penguin

  3. Mitt Romney is a whore, plain and simple. He'd stand up and sing the praises of Vladimir Lenin or Ted Bundy, if he thought that would get him elected.

  4. my massachusetts state rep snarkily told me earlier this summer, "well, hey, $300 a month isn't that much." i guess i'm just supposed to pull that cash out of my ass?

    last time i had health insurance (through my former husband), i cut a finger pretty badly, went to my primary care physician, paid a FIFTY DOLLAR co-pay because it was not for "preventive care"and then this "doctor" tells me, "well, it probably could use a couple stitches but i don't have the ability to do that" (WTF???), "go to the drug store and buy some of that skin glue," whereby she slapped the same dirty bandage i came in with back on my finger and sent me on my way. of course she promptly billed the insurance company who knows how much more in addition to the $50 she ripped me off for.

    what was particularly infuriating was that she was standing there listening while i explained to the receptionist why i was there and heard me explain that i couldn't really afford to be spending $50 but felt trapped between a rock and a hard place, being concerned of course about the future usefulness of that finger. she KNEW she couldn't help me but she very deliberately took my money anyway.

    i knew i should have bought a house in rhode island.

    someone slap me, i'm having another nightmare.

  5. Thanks for the synopsis. I appreciate you going through and finding whatever highlights there were to find.

    Health insurance at gun point...what a concept.

  6. It's not a health-care plan, it's not even much of an insurance-provisioning plan: it's a bill guarantying customers for the insurance company, at State expence if need be.


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