Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Gay Old Pervert un-resigns (maybe)

Yessiree, our favorite gayer-than-the-gay-mayor-of-gaytown confused tearoom queen, fresh from announcing that he was resigning in order to find the real gay pervert (sort of like Al Sharpton holding a press conference to announce that he is not black and he is resigning in order to find a real black man to run his charities), has decided to un-resign. Maybe. Sorta. Kinda. There's this WEEE problem with Senator Larry Craig's "wide stance" guilty plea that he's gotta figure out how to un-plea. Well, maybe not a WEEE problem, since that wasn't what he was doing in that bathroom, but so it goes.

So pull up a chair and get out the popcorn, 'cause this show seems to still have an episode or two left to go before network cancellation. Yessiree, Republican hypocrisy. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

-- Badtux the Not-wide-stanced Penguin

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  1. It's hilarious to watch the pundits on this one. No one knows what to say. And who would have predicted that Craig would actually attempt to stay in office? Very good entertainment indeed!


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