Saturday, September 08, 2007

California Burning

The Silicon Valley is hazed in smoke today, as the Lick Fire burns out tens of thousands of acres of the Sierra Diablo, including some of my favorite hiking haunts. The only good news there is that fire is a normal part of the rejuvenation process of those hills. According to people with hunting camps back in those hills who've seen the results of earlier fires in the area, when the spring rains are done, these hills will be covered with grass and be nicely green again, and the wildlife will return better than ever because of all the new forage. In the meantime, my eyes are burning, my nose is itching, and it's just a miserable day outside. I'd get you a photo, but my camera doesn't seem able to take a good one of the haze. It just looks like typical distance fog. But believe me, it isn't.

-- Badtux the California Penguin

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  1. First Cookie Jill, now you. Do people in California enjoy breathing in carbon monoxide?

    I know these fires serve a purpose. But I swear, the fires California has endured this year alone would be enough to burn the entire state of Virginia down. As I told Jill, there aren't any mountains on my horizons. But if there were, and I saw that one of them was ablaze, I'd move...


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