Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh the penetration!

So Russia claims they have a new superbomb. Then the Pentagon responds, our bomb penetrates better, saying that the Russian bomb, well, just doesn't penetrate well, it's all noise and no penetration I guess is the story sorta like one of the members of the 101st Fighting Chickenhawks when they emerge from their mommies basements and, like, encounter this really hot chick? With all this talk of penetration, oh the manly manly penetration, this penguin simply swoons, SWOONS I say! So, when are Pooty Poot and Dear Leader going to get together and, like, drop trow and see who's REALLY got the bigger penetrator? Huh? Curious penguins want to know! And what's this about the manly, manly surge? Oh the surge, the manly surge! (Penguin falls over in dead faint).

-- Badtux the Nasty Penguin


  1. I'm sure that Russia will now develop an 18 ton penetrator. After all, history shows that V I Nicheshchevsky a great Soviet scientist, developed the penetrator bomb long before the decadent Western imperialists ever thought of it. V I Nicheshchevsky is the great-great-grand-nephew of M A Bachelovich, who invented the internal combustion engine in 1831, decades before Nikolaus Otto, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, the decadent imperialist warmongering lackeys of the Wall Street robber barons ever thought of using the engine to drive a tractor. M A Bachelovich designed his internal combustion engine to operate on vodka. The finest vodka in the world is made in the Sov - err, I mean Russia.

    V I Nicheshchevsky's 18 ton bomb will be potent and strong enough to drive nails.

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  3. Bombs have always been just big phallic toys for those born with small "toys".

  4. It was a bloody Massive Ordnance Air Burst [MOAB] and I've had two of the things detonated within 15 miles of me on the Eglin range.

    The problem with these things is the delivery system, which tends to be large, noisy, and slow. The only way you can use one is if there is absolutely no ground opposition, otherwise the entire system is going to burst at altitude when it gets hit by everything available to the people on the ground.

    There's a reason gunships only fly at night.

    Another weapon without a mission [other than the transfer of funds to contractors].

  5. Oh come on now. It's not about military effectiveness. It's about the size of the salami. Sheesh! The GOP (Gay Old Perverts) are interested in military effectiveness only if it makes their little soldiers look like bigger soldiers, if ya know what I mean. And what can be bigger than an 18 ton salami, huh?

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  6. Hi badtux,

    I hate to say I did laugh reading this post (but I swear it was only at your cynical snarky sarcasm - which usually makes my day!) Not the topic itself (which is unfortunately more real and important than Iran's non-nukes that the cowardly Neocons are orgasming over). Russia is (and has been for a decade now) preparing for war. The question is... who with? :)

    And whilst the US Military has prematurely ejaculated and now has trouble raising it's standard (let alone it's weapons), Russia's is in full strength and towering potency. And whilst the USA economy is also flagging and limp, the Russian economy is rising higher and stronger every day. So... who won that cold war anyway?

    And let us not forget that Russia is also very buddy-buddy with China these days, and China isn't too happy with the USA.

    Watch out for that train-wreck! It's going to be massive.

    Hmmmm... I wonder if there is a bookie somewhere I can place a bet? I have never believed in *sure things*... but...


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