Monday, September 24, 2007

Hillary Clinton is a scheming bitch

And I have absolutely no problem with that.

I'd rather have a scheming bitch as President than a naive boy scout or an inexperienced orator who thus far is all fluff and no substance, or god forbid any of the Republican assholes. Actually, I'd like to see Bill Richardson, the most experienced guy in the race on either side, as president. But it ain't happenin'. He doesn't have the money to put together a credible organization and as a balding fat guy he's not telegenic enough for the Shallow Hals and Shallow Harriets out there.

Yeah, I know all the negatives about Hillary, like her lame-ass health care plan, her pandering to the Israel lobby, etc. But put Hillary up against, say, Julie Annie, and she'd rip his guts out. She's a scheming bitch. And that's just what's needed right now to feed some Republicans their entrails. She's slick, she can raise a ton of money, she has the best advisors money can buy, she campaigns like an animal and any attempt to swift boat her would get belly laughs from an American public that already knows who Hillary is and who aren't going to get distracted by any nonsense that the right wing comes up with (what, they're gonna say she assassinated Abraham Lincoln next? Nobody listens to that crap anymore). Sadly, we already know Edwards rolls over like a puppy when some Republican front group barks at him, and Obama is in the same position as Kerry was in 2004 -- a position where he's still ripe to get defined by the Republican media in some way. The Republican media can't do anything to Hillary. They've already tried it all, and it didn't work. So, in celebration of my new first lady, here's the song I'm going to use to commemorate my new first choice for Democratic nominee:


-- Badtux the Bitchy Penguin

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  1. So why isn't she obstructing the Busheviks? She is a senator last I heard with a D not an R after her name.
    We could stand a bit of leadership. Anybody to stand up to our bully boy in shit. Where is the sceaming bitch?


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