Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hillarycare = Insurance Industry subsidy?

Hillary Clinton released her so-called "universal health insurance" plan Monday. I have downloaded it and am reading it. News reports suggest that it is another attempt to enrich the wealthy health insurance companies who have contributed millions of dollars to her and her husbands' campaigns by forcing people at gunpoint to send money to health insurance companies (individuals will be mandated to purchase health insurance coverage, regardless of whether they can afford to do so or not). I personally believe that creating a huge government bureaucracy to enforce such a mandate is the wrong way of going about things, and that government should not be in the business of forcing people to buy a product that they either don't want or can't afford. As for the comparison to automobile insurance, we all know how well government mandates have worked there. (Sarcasm intended -- in my state, 1 out of every 3 drivers is driving illegally without insurance and auto insurance is *much* cheaper than health insurance).

As for the question of what to do with all those unemployed insurance company claims processors and such if we really did get Medicare For All, I have a modest suggestion. Farmers in the American Southwest claim that they need Mexican immigrants because they cannot get Americans to work in the fields. Why don't we round up all these unemployed insurance company case workers, payroll employees, receivables accountants, etc., and put them to work picking spinach in Salinas? We get two benefits in one -- lower health care costs, and a solution to the problem of tightened border enforcement causing a shortage of farm workers!

More when I finish reading the plan...

-- Badtux the Health Penguin

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