Thursday, September 06, 2007

So what's with that Iraqi army, anyhow?

Sane conservative John Cole has the goods -- and the snark:

A quick summary of the facts tells us that the Iraqi military is broken, the police force is even worse, we have ceded the south to the Shi’ites, Anbar province is under the control of the Ba’athists, our military is stretched to the breaking point, corruption is the norm, there is a cholera epidemic, high levels of violence against the civilian population, we can not provide basic services (like, for example, electricity or water), and the national government is squabbling (when not on vacation) and led incompetently by a man Bush thinks is under his tutelage (that alone should scare the hell out of you).

The sole force doing well in Iraq are the American contractors.

Personally, I blame the liberal media, and clearly it is time to bomb Iran.

Over the past two years, we've managed to train approximately 10 Iraqi brigades to the point they can operate independently. There are approximately 100 brigades in the Iraqi Army. At that rate, we'll be in Iraq for another 20 years and another 30,000 American soldiers dead and another 300,000 American soldiers permanently disabled. Except it won't get to that point, because the $150 billion per year cost of the war will have bankrupted the nation by then.

But hey, that's facts, and Dear Leader's sycophantic worshippers do not need facts, because they have faith, FAITH I say, in their Lord and Savior George W. Bush and His holy annointed Administration. Alrighty, then!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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  1. Or we can continue for another 25 years after which every Iraqi will have exited the country. We can then repopulate the country with clones of virtuous Halliburton warprofiteers who know upon which side of the toast the toast be buttered. By that point, the dollar will have fallen to the point that a trillion to two more bucks will make very little difference as long as its paid in cheap greenbacks.


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