Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring shedding

I'm not dusting. I'm de-furring. What I can't figure out is how shelves of my bookshelves (and the tops of my books) can accumulate such a collection of fur, when my cats never get on those shelves. Unless they furtively sneak up there at night when I'm not looking...

-- Badtux the Temporarily-furry Penguin


  1. The little beezuses impart it to the atmosphere as they spread their grace among us.
    Be honored, Penguin!
    Those you serve have found you worthy, at least, of this!

  2. ... and the tops of my books ...

    No shit. That mangy varmint of mine gets hair on the highest shelves. Ain't even a cat and doesn't go on the furniture.

  3. Well, Martin, I must admit that my cats are certainly spreading their ... grace... widely. I shall aspire to prove myself worthy of the gift of, uhm, feline hair, that my cats are so beneficiently bestowing upon me. That, and hope that all that @#$%! cat hair doesn't clog up my drain when I rinse off the washcloth that I'm using to dust oops de-hair my apartment!

    - Badtux the Hair-bestowed Penguin


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