Friday, April 13, 2007


The Mighty Fang dusts off the scanner on the shelf above my computer...

-- Badtux the Bad Housekeeper Penguin


  1. That is because Mencken had claimed my lap, and when he tried to join Mencken on my lap, Mencken looked at him like, "are you f'ing *nuts*?" (my lap is only so big, after all, and these are *big* cats!) and TMF changed his mind and instead jumped on top of the laser printer, and from there to the shelf above my computer. He's looking down at Mencken on my lap, obviously wishing that *he* was the kitty on my lap. My camera happened to be sitting on my computer desk, so I slowly pulled it out, turned it on as quietly as I could, and snapped the picture.

    -- Badtux the Cat-tree Penguin

  2. Pensive? He looks downright pissed off to me...

  3. Well, thank goodness someone thinks about the dust! I wish the Mighty Fang would send a note to my kitties telling them of the need to dust. There are so many dust mites floating around over here, no wonder we're sneezing our asses off!

    The Mighty Fang is one fine looking feline! Tell him we said, "Meow, mew mew mew, Meow, Purr." He'll know....

  4. Mimus, I've never seen The Mighty Fang pissed off. He is a very mellow, kind, and thoughtful kitty, like most big cats are, which is why he continues his attempts to properly groom Mencken's ears and face even though it inevitably results in Mencken taking a swipe at him. Even when I pick him up and hold him like a baby, his expression is more one of resigned forebearance than pure peevishness. My suspicion is that the Culture Ghost is correct, and TMF is thinking upon the mysteries of existence, such as why two large cats cannot physically occupy one human lap.

  5. It looks to me like he just really wanted to sit on your lap with Mencken. Poor boy.


  6. Question: are Mencken and the Mighty Fang litter mates?

  7. No, TMF is a couple of years younger than Mencken. Mencken was picked up by the Humane Society as a feral eating out of dumpsters. TMF was surrendered to the Humane Society as a young adolescent of about 8 months age after from what I can tell being brought up in a household full of kids and other animals. I adopted them a couple of months apart, Mencken first, then TMF later, the sweetest kitty in their shelter to give Mencken some company. Mencken didn't appreciate it. TMF keeps trying to *groom* him!


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