Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No pizza review tonight

I just got home from looking at new places to park my iceberg. The rent on my current place is going up yet again, and frankly it's just not worth it. So I'm looking at a couple of places, one in Willow Glen (San Jose) and one in Redwood City. I like the location of the Willow Glen place, it all depends on a) whether the place is halfway reasonable inside, and b) whether I can convince the landlord to rent to a penguin.

Anyhow, since penguins need regular infusions of food to retain their pleasing rotundity, I ate a sandwich while I was on the road, and thus will not be eating a pizza tonight.

-- Badtux the Disappointed Penguin


  1. Moving definitely sucks. Good luck

  2. Uh...Redwood City will be a tad hot for a penguin I would think. I hardly think there are icebergs there to loll on all day.

  3. Redwood City is nevertheless cooler than Willow Glen, physically at least. Willow Glen, lying inland somewhat, gets fewer cool sea breezes blowing in off San Francisco Bay. Willow Glen is cooler when it comes to shopping, food, and nightlife though, since you have Lincoln Avenue, the Pruneyard isn't far, Santana Row isn't far, etc.

    Currently I live in Bugfuckia, which, unfortunately, also happens to be just down the street from Cisco, which employs over 30,000 people in their continuous string of office buildings along Tasman in northern San Jose. As Ciscites have discovered this neighborhood, prices have started going up astronomically. Time to go...

  4. The only thing left driving prices up is tax assessment. Property values are falling. Soon they will crash flat.

    But not soon enough.

  5. It's all location-sensitive. This used to be a Mexican ghetto, but then a few thousand new townhouses were built, the apartment complexes all renovated, the Ciscites started moving in, and everything started shooting up in price. Location, location, location. So I'll move far away from the Ciscites, hopefully...

  6. Isn't there some sort of law that says renters can't discriminate against penguins? I could have sworn I saw that somewhere...


  7. Badtux, you have to rent in the S.F. Bay area? I pity you, mate.

    Before Mrs. Bukko and I went into political exile, we lived in S.F. proper (on the back of Mount Sutro, glorious 180-view of the ocean, Gate and Mount Tam, cold enough for a flightless waterfowl when the fog was roaring in) but we could afford to rent from the bank -- what some people call a mortgage. I can't imagine what it would have been like to pay all that money to a landlord.

    As it was, we bailed out at the height of the property bubble and the profits were about equal to the total amount we had shelled out for mortgage payments. It was like living for free in a nice San Fran house for three years. Made a nice swag to export to, shall we say, the land of additive-free chocolate. But we don't buy Nestle when we go over to visit the vault.

    Enjoying your snark when I see it around, mate. I'll think of you when I see the fairy penguin colony by the pier here in St. Kilda. I know what you're thinking, but they're called that because they're tiny...


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