Saturday, April 28, 2007

Furry alarm clocks

So something wakes me up about 7:10AM. F***, it's a g**d*** Saturday, I flip the alarm to wake me up at 8:30AM and roll over and try to go to sleep. Vaguely I hear the thunder of little cat feet. Cats chasing each other again doing their morning exercises, I suppose...


Huh? What was that?! I try to roll back over and go to sleep, but then I hear... CLICK CLACK CLICK CLACK CLICK CLACK ...

Oh f***. Fur-bearin' varmints have knocked the floor fan over. I groan and get out of bed and yeppers, the throw rug that was under it is in a pile, my desk chair that was next to it is several feet away where it got flung probably by kitties jumping onto it then off of it at high rates of speed, and the fan is on its face under my computer desk. So I pick it up and go searching for the culprit... "It wasn't me! I was busy drinking from the toilet! And if I did do it, I was drunk!". Uh. Ohhhkay... "Not me! I was busy, uhm, oh yeah, playing the guitar!"

Gah. You're not supposed to be playing my guitar either, silly kitty!

Oh well. I'm awake. Even though that's a tragedy at 7:30AM on a Saturday morning. Frickin' furry alarm clocks!

-- Badtux the Wide-awake Penguin


  1. Hey Tux, we're all bat shit crazy anyway. :-)

    I get up at two or three every morning so I never use an alarm clock.

    I walked to Walmart this morning and bought a pack of Coghlan's fire sticks for the hell of it. 12 sticks in a pack so they are about 18 cents each with sales tax. One stick broken up and burned in a homemade can stove will heat up a twelve ounce cup of water for coffee.

    I also bought a StarterLogg for 36 cents. A 3/4" piece of it cut off and burned will burn almost 20 minutes so that is about 6 cents to heat up a cup of coffee.

    They will blacken the cup or pot but being an old country hick I don't mind that.

    Hey, have a nice day, don't let it all drive you to nuts because you can't fix it anyway. :-)

  2. Nothing is better than waking up with a cat on your face. damn attention whores.

  3. Ahh, it sounds like your cats also participate in feline sport of rug-luging wherein the lucky human generally finds their throw rugs across the room or in another room entirely. I appreciate your pain. Nothing worse than a furry alarm clock waking you up within an hour of your actual alarm clock. Have a great weekend anyway

  4. The cats actually don't do much with the throw rugs. They do like desk-chair-luging, though, where they'll chase each other at high rates of speed around the apartment and use my swivel desk chair (which is on roller wheels) as a launching point, sending said chair spinning backwards at whoever the chaser is on that particular spin around the apartment. But they never seem to do it when I'm around. It's like those damned little furry catnip mice. I toss one at a cat, he looks at it, looks at me, says "Meh, what am I supposed to do with this?" and ignores it. I come in the next day, the catnip mice have been relocated all over the apartment. Similarly, my desk chair ends up relocated somewhere else only if I'm not around. Otherwise they ignore it.


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