Friday, April 06, 2007

Granny's got a gun...

Old people these days. They're just no good. Whatever happened to just stayin' home and bakin' cookies and bouncing the grandbabies on your knees and shit? Nowdays old farts are robbin' banks and gettin' 21 innocent people killed while doing a campaign op while runnin' fer President and such. And they're even pirating music, sometimes even after they're dead. Now, you know what this penguin thinks of baby boomers (what have baby boomers born after 1950 ever accomplished, other than scoring a ton of hash during the early 70's and managing to ruin America's economy with their unwarranted sense of self-entitlement?), but sheesh. If this is what old farts are like 'nowdays, I ain't so sure I like old people either. Why, soon 'nuff, we're gonna have to build yet more prisons to house their wrinkled old butts. Ick!

-- Badtux the Misanthropic Penguin


  1. Give the old lady a break. Dentures are expensive these days.

    There is, of course, no excuse for John McCain.

  2. Those new prisons had better have Barca-Loungers with vibrating massage and heat pads for the arthritis.

  3. Don't look at me. Just because I'm old it doesn't mean I think the world owes me anything and all I have to do it take it.

    You can thank your government for that kind of thinking though.

  4. Hey, now. Some of us don't have wrinkled butts. We have enough fat to keep the wrinkles ironed!

  5. what have baby boomers born after 1950 ever accomplished

    Um - Im a baby boomer. Let me see... how about:

    The Internet
    Mobile POhones
    Cable TV
    DNA mapping
    And that nice snazzy looking car you're going to buy when you grow up.

    Tom Koltai - Economist.


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