Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bipolar disorder

Black or white. Good or evil. Liberal or conservative. If you ain't wit us you agin' us. Ever notice that some monkeys seperate the world into two different poles and sort everything into those two poles, without ever acknowledging any shades of gray? It must be sad to have such a bipolar disorder, where you see only two poles - "us" and "them". As a black and white and yellow penguin in a world of monochromic monkeys, I can only express puzzlement at the inability of monochromic monkeys to see anything that is both black and white. Instead, they only see the color that they want to see, at which point this penguin becomes a white penguin for those who want to see white, and a black penguin for those who want to see black. Or a "liberal" penguin for those who want to see "liberal", or a "conservative" penguin for those who want to see "conservative". Sad, really. How odd, these monkeys that can see only one color at a time, and never revel in the black and white and yellow and green extravagance of the universe!

-- Badtux the Multi-colored Penguin


  1. So you are inconsistent?

    Like the rest of us?

    Very nice.

  2. Don't look at me, I think all the monkeys are idiots.

  3. Hmm... consistent... or inconsistent... Or consistently inconsistent? The jabberings of bipolar monkeys causes the penguin to be confused! Why cannot a penguin be both black and white, consistent and inconsistent?

    - Badtux the Confused Penguin

  4. More on bipolar disorder: Light is a wave. Also, light is a stream of particles. No, light is not a stream of particles moving in a wave. Light is a wave that is also, at the same time, a particle, something which has entirely different attributes from a wave (a wave being continuous and a particle being discrete).

    Reality cares naught for our bipolar insistence that something cannot be two (or more) seemingly contradictory things at the same time.

    - Badtux the Science Penguin

  5. when I play the Sims, I use a hack to make everybody a rainbow of colors from green to purple. It just suits my aesthetics.

  6. We're all pink inside!


  7. Evil Spock doesn't see colors, only numbers. Primarily ones and zeros. You're either a one or a zero.

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