Wednesday, April 18, 2007

In case you forgot...

Carl and 42 and Mustang Bobby and a million jillion other bloggers point out that there's a Virginia Tech type tragedy in Iraq EVERY FUCKING DAY. And that's been true for at least three years now, ever since the insurgency started ramping up.

So why the fuck are the goddamned blathering talking heads on television *STILL* talking about some loser doing a one-time slaughter then removing himself from the gene pool, rather than about the continuing slaughter happening EVERY FUCKING DAY in Iraq?

Oh fuggedaboutit, I keep forgetting. One white blond sorority girl at Virginia Tech is worth a million jillion of them overseas darkies who, like, aren't WHITE. Alrighty then! Personally, I think they just ought to provide the white hood and KKK membership upon employment for every major U.S. television news "personality" and every major U.S. newspaper "editor". I mean, c'mon. They push the KKK agenda (white America is all that counts!), why not go all the way and make it official?!

-- Badtux the Ranting Penguin


  1. I refuse to participate in this "national tragedy." Today, 171 people died in Iraq. I doubt the Iraqi flag will be flown at half mast for a week. Will there be "makeshift memorials" or will the relatives be "fortunate" enough to collect a few body parts for a funeral? What about nice candlelight vigils? Or that's right...they need the candles to light their homes since we can't seem to get the electricity running for more than three fucking hours a day....

  2. Hello, Mr Penguin.
    I'm thinking that you would still be able to tell Geo. F Will at the triple-K meeting--
    he would be the one with the jerky head movements, like an epilectic seizure in slo-mo, and talking without moving his lips
    (does Mr Will have no lips or is his jaw hurting him?).

  3. I mourned Monday.

    That was long enough for me. I would like to read, one day, why it happened, but I can skip the interim steps of "this tragedy was caused by", "No, it was caused by", "No, wait..."

  4. Proximity is a big factor. I'm saddened with what goes on in Iraq everyday, distraught with the Va. Tech tragedy, and I would be devastated if this happened in my hometown.

    Its kind of like the difference between New Orleans with Katrina, and the tsunami in South East Asia. Both were devastating, but way more people lost their lives due to the tsunami. Katrina was more important to us only because of proximity.

    Sometimes I hate the world. When's the matrix going to be up and running?

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  6. Ho-kay, that's it.

    Ahem, to all concerned. Especially you, Carl, since you live in New york City...

  7. The hell with it. Visit my blog. I'm not screwing this up a third time...

  8. There were people of every race who were killed at VT, you idiot. Do you think Ryan Clark (an African-American),Daniel Perez-Cueva (a Peruvian), or Waleed Shaalan (an Egyptian)were blonde white sorority girls?

    Yes, death and destruction happens every day in Iraq; yes, it happens daily in Darfur. Like "evil spock" says, it is about proximity. There were 200 times more people killed in the tsunami than in Katrina, but the US media paid more attention to Katrina because it happened in the US.

    The deaths at VT are not a joke and not to be trivialized. Shame on you. You have no class.

  9. More people die due to lack of health insurance in the United States every day than died at VT. Trivialized? No. Put into proper context? Yes. If it bleeds, it leads, and if it bleeds and is a white blond sorority girl, it leads for fucking WEEKS.

    VT should have gotten its one day of fame, then everybody shut up about it so that folks could put their lives back together. Instead we got a fucking ZOO for weeks.



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