Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Well, one testicle is better than none

Finally the Democrats quit bluffing, and showed that at least one Democratic senator has at least one testicle. For a couple of hours, the Democrats in the Senate acted as if they were an opposition party, rather than a bunch of pansies too wimpish to get "het up" about anything at all.

Whether this transplant of one big brass one will be followed by more transplants of more big brass ones is unknown. The Democrats can shut down the Senate if they want -- they just served notice that the only way to stop them from doing so is by removing them all at gunpoint. Now that they've gotten the elephant's attention by bonking it over the head, will they manage to find the big brass ones to do more than just grandstand for a couple of hours? Curious penguins want to know!

- Badtux the Curious Penguin

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  1. Stupid Harry Reid! How dare he call into question the motivations of Dear Leader's Holy War(tm)!! Apparently, he and his "party" haven't gotten the message: when you are charged by God to invade the heathens, minor fripperies like "reasons" can be trumped up or invented out of whole cloth, because God wants results!

    For the same reason, the Republicans can abrogate their Constitutional duty to exercise Congressional oversight on the administration, and do so with a clear conscience! If the Democrats continue to insist the Republicans come clean on their lies and coverups, then the terrotists have already won!


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