Monday, November 07, 2005

Travelin' Bird

The Snarky Penguin has been traveling, riding his new motorsickle all around Cah-lee-for-nee-ah. So what has been happening during the days when I was away from ye olde iceberg? Let's see:

The IRS threatens to take away the tax exempt status of a church for preaching that Jesus opposed war. Seems that the Busheviks only like pro-war preaching...

The right-wingnut head of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting got the can for being a corrupt jerkoff. Republican. Corrupt jerkoff. Doh. Talk about your Department of Redundant Redundancies...

Victory in Iraq real soon now. Guess the rose petal shipments have been delayed. And the #2 al Qaeda man in Iraq undoubtedly will get killed or captured again within the next two weeks (man, al Qaeda seems to have an infinite number of those #2 men for us to kill or capture, eh?).

Bush says we do not torture. It is unclear what the family of Dilawar, an Afghan cab driver tortured to death by American soldiers for the crime of being in the wrong place when a bomb went off, would think about Bush's statement. Oh what the hell, let me paraphrase them: Bush is a lying sack of shit. Doh. He's a Republican. Doesn't that say it all?

FEMA sends the state of Louisiana a bill for 3.7 billion dollars for fucking up while Louisiania mostly saved itself (FEMA contributed 100 buses *TOTAL* to the whole New Orleans evacuation, for example -- Governor Blanco rounded up the hundreds of other busses and coordinated the airlines that evacuated even more people from the New Orleans airport). Yes, that's right, a 3.7 billion dollar bill for fucking Louisiana. Man, I haven't heard of a whore hitting up a john for change like that since Julia Roberts was workin' the streets. BTW, the entire Louisiana state budget is around $18 billion, of which half is Medicaid and highway funds provided by the Feds that can't be used for anything else, and it is estimated that because of the damage from the hurricanes, the state will only be able to gather about $6 billion in taxes next year (roughly 2/3rds of what it gathered this year).

The state of Louisiana says that with 50% of its economy destroyed by hurricanes, governments are out of money and about to declare bankruptcy. The scenarios depicted are similar to the Great Depression.

In other words, same old, same old. Republican corruption, Louisiana getting fucked by Republicans, hell, I might as well have reproduced last week's blog and not been inaccurate...

- Badtux the Motorsickle-ridin' Penguin


  1. I'm just amazed that the feds are requiring the state of Louisana to repay this - esp after the Army Corps of engineers told the feds that levee work and wetland work was needed, and the feds declined to do it because of the pricetag. Kick somebody when they're down, why dontcha!

  2. So ol' wingnuttery....

  3. I have to agree with you, just any day now, we're going to have Iraq under control. The Iraqis will kiss the troops and throw flowers in the air..........wait.. That already happened... probably around the time of mission accomplished. I guess everything is cool, now!


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