Friday, November 18, 2005

Holiday hours...

I think I'll go ahead and announce that the blog will be on hiatus during the following holiday periods:

November 19 - November 27 -- Thanksgiving holidays
December 24- January 2 -- Christmas holidays

In the unlikely event that I go out of town instead of spending all that time closetted with a computer game, I'll try to take a picture for you...

- Badtux the Holidaying Penguin


  1. Oh oh.. looks like you're on hiatus now.... have fun!

  2. My idea of a hiatus is taking the weekend off. As if I get paid once a week to do this shit, or something.

    Happy Pilgrim Day, then. Get stuffed. ;-)

  3. Uhm, as one bird to another, "get stuffed" is not a good thing to say to a bird ;-).

  4. I hope that you enjoy your holiday, don't eat too much fish!

  5. The stuffing I had in mind begins at the front end. I apologize for not being clearer...

  6. Have a great time, and safe travels.

  7. Penguin, since you are a self-proclaimed Tuxologist heretic, I don't expect you to give proper homage and celebrate the birth of the Baby Nixon. But surely, you don't intend to spurn Festivus as well?? Blasphemer!

  8. Mimus, I was just being snarky about the stuffing. You must admit that, to a bird, the word "stuffing" has a rather, err, bad connotation (heh!).

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin


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