Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Poll of the day


How would Scottie McClellan spin things if Karl Rove had gotten caught holding up a liquor store?

  1. He's simply the victim of an overzealous security camera
  2. This just shows that the special prosecutor didn't have enough evidence to go for Murder One, so clearly there has been no real crime
  3. I dodged this question earlier, and I stand by those remarks
  4. This is nothing more than the Democrats' partisan attempt to criminalize armed robbery
My choice, BTW, is #4 (heheheheh!).

- Badtux the Out-snarked Penguin


  1. I'll go with #5: Why does the security camera hate America so much?

  2. Actually, I think #3 would fit the pattern.

  3. And the correct answer is:

    (drum roll.....)

    #6. Hey! Look over there! A runaway bride!

    Thanks! You've been a great audience!

  4. #7 - If Clinton has kept his nasty in his pants, none of this would be happening,

  5. #8: This isn't really a crime, the crime is the liquor store owner having Karl Rove's money. Why isn't he being investigated? Liberal Media, thats why.


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