Monday, November 14, 2005

Granpa goes to war

Bush Administration drafts yet another grandpa to fight in their war in Iraq. He will join other grandpas who have been sent to Iraq.

These chickenhawks have a lot of gall. Each and every one of them avoided combat at any cost when they were of age to serve... and now they're drafting people their own age to go and fight overseas?! Now that takes nerve!

Here's my modest proposal: If this grandpa is young enough to serve, so is the Chimperer, the Rummer, the Rove, and pretty much everybody else in this gang of chickenhawks except Darth Cheney. Draft'em all and put'em in the trenches, is what I say. And if they don't want to be drafted... well, they simply shouldn't start up wars based on lies, then, eh?!

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Oh yeah, and those lucious Bush twins? They'd sure look good in khaki, don't ya think?!


  1. Thanks for linkin' this post, Badtux.

    Great pic of the khaki. Love ta see that happen.

    BTW...screw it, send Cheney, too.

  2. That sucks! The train wreck that is the Bush precidency goes on unabated

  3. I'm continually reminded of the comparison between the empires of the US and Rome. For most of the empire, Roman emperors had to lead the troops, in a physical sense (i.e., not by lying to their parents). If the emperor thought it was worthwhile to be at the site of the battle, then the citizens figured there was something to the conflict.

    That would be a good tradition to continue, methinks.

  4. Bush has been to Iraq. One year ago, he fed the troops a plastic turkey.

  5. OT and appropos of absolutely nothing, but have you been holding up trains again, Penguin?


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