Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Making the Middle East safe for torture

That appears to be our signal accomplishment. Between the actions of the British, the U.S. Marines, the rape rooms at Abu Ghraib (complete with contract torturers), the fact that the U.S. has tortured at least 26 people to death (including the poor sod above, who basically died of crucifixion), and now our new former Baathist friends in the Iraqi security ministry are back in business, torture is what the United States seems best in doing.

But remember, we must torture them there so that we don't have to torture them here. Or something like that.

Meanwhile, Preznit Numb-nuts continues to insist, "we do not torture". It is unclear whether he is dangerously ignorant, in denial, or just a bald-faced liar. Or maybe just a white supremicist racist who, like the Freepers, thinks that frail Afghan cab drivers in the wrong place at the wrong time are terrorists for, well, being brown-skinned (I guess), and thus it's fine to beat them to death because they're not really people, y'know, they're just untermenschen, unseemly "mud people", and thus not worthy of the same basic right to life as Americans...

War is peace. Torture is freedom. Rape rooms are liberation. Welcome to 1984+21.

- Badtux the "when did we start living in an Orwell novel?" Penguin


  1. I think we have always lived in a some what Orwellian Novel, with the masses believeing myth more than science, therefore making it easy for the self righteous socialk conservatives to reign supreme with their arrogance, racism, and hypocricy.

  2. Remember, as Bush said, we don't torture. But that traitorous John McCain and co. better not ban the torture that our boys don't do, because then we will let terrorists know that we don't torture, instead of simply "disappearing" random brown-skinned "folks" into "detention facilities," where they are definitely not being tortured as we speak.

    Ugh, I'm having a "Fox in Socks" moment.

  3. The thing is, nobody except the 25% of the most loyal Koolaid Kids is listening - they've lied too many times, and reality is rearing up it's ugly mug to bite them in the ass.

  4. It is true that people are finally waking up to the fact that this administration is a bunch of lying murderers. Unfortunately, it doesn't really matter now. The time when it would have mattered was a year ago. All of the evidence of torture and lies in the pre-war intelligence was available then; most people willfully ignored it and allowed themselves to be sidetracked by Swift Boats and Flip Flops and John Kerry Looks French and other nonsense.

    Now it's too late. Those fuckers have another three years in office to do what they want, and even though their crimes have long-since risen to the impeachable level, we all know it will never happen with their lackies controlling both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court to boot.

    A Democratic takeover of the Senate next year would certainly help, but how likely do you really think that is? The numbers look good now, but I get the sinking feeling we'll be seeing a lot more terror alerts and false alarms in the weeks leading up to the election. Perhaps a "magical" reappearance on tv by the ever-elusive Osama, who strangely only seems to pop up at times that are of maximum strategic value to the Bush administration.

    Yes, I know I sound paranoid. Can't help it. At this point, we are through the looking glass. I wouldn't put anything past those sneaky motherfuckers.


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