Friday, October 21, 2005

Yipee! 2000 American soldiers dead!

Why, don't you know that their moms and dads are just proud, PROUD I say, to have their darling little girls and boys go die in some god-forsaken sandpit somewhere in order to protect Vice President Halliburton's delayed compensation? I bet they get up every morning and joyfully recite, "God Bless Vice President Halliburton and His holy annointed corporation!" every morning as they stare at photos of their dead boy or girl on the mantleplace. And then they go out to their jobs in the chicken rendering plants and Wal-Marts of America and with a smile on their face are just overjoyed to reassure everybody they meet about how wonderful it is that their son or daughter died in order to turn Iraq into a new province of Iran, complete with ayatollahs in charge.

And as an American taxpayer, I just LOVE the fact that $200 billion dollars of American taxpayer money, MY money, has been poured onto the sands of Iraq in order to insure that the black festering hole that is Dick Cheney's heart never has to worry about where the money for its next surgery will come from. Nevermind crumbling highways, stagnant schools, an ongoing humanitarian disaster in Louisiana, etc... we all know what's REALLY important: Vice President Halliburton's pocketbook.

So let us all join together and shout with glee, "hip hip hurray!". Ignore the dead bodies, or the tens of thousands of American boys and girls who are now missing arms and legs or have permenant brain damage due to improvised explosive devices blowing pieces of them into the ether. Ignore the ayatollahs taking charge in Iraq. After all, the important stuff -- Vice President Halliburton's well-being -- is being taken care of quite well.

Boy, I love the smell of futility in the morning. It smells like... uhm... VIETNAM! Except on crack, y'know.

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. You know why the freepers/neocons aren't worried about us unwittingly turning Iraq into an extension of Iran? Because they want to kick Iranian ass next anyway. And then we can have another 2000 young American soldiers dead there.

  2. Of course "No Child" is good for education. My 16 yr old spends about 1/3 of her time in school learning test-beating techniques and taking practice tests. She does this for math tests in Social Studies period, for writing tests during math period, etc. How could this not improve her education? What, would we want her to study actual content in those classes?

    "No Child" is a very complex spending reduction plan, by whic poor performing schools, which are increased in numbers by the time spent test-teaching, can be cut out of federal spending my "No Child" laws.

    Hooray for Bush and all his tax-whining godlings.

  3. Yipie? It's yippie. Or yippy. Damned hippies

  4. Oh no, my friend. If we attack Iran, we have FAR more than 2,000 young American soldiers dead there, because (get this) Iran actually has an army, and actually is united, unlike Iraq, which was always a collection of tribes and sects who hate each other held together only tenuously by an iron-fisted dictator. Plus, Russia has as much as come out and told us "Keep your hands off of Iran", even to the point of telling the United States "You have no right to tell us we can't sell nuclear weapons technology to Iran". While Russia is hardly in a position to go to war directly against the United States (indeed, the remnants of their military-industrial complex has trouble meeting orders for a few dozen jet fighters from China and India, so they couldn't even offer a lot of arms assistance), Russia knows quite well the miseries that guerilla warfare can inflict upon a superpower, and would arm the Iranians with all the AK-47's and RPG's and C-4 that they could stand. You think Iraq is rough... honey, Iraq is NOTHING compared to what Iran would be.

    Of course, the freepers/neocons won't believe that any more than they believed us when we told them that invading Iraq would be a disaster, but if you're looking at something that would result in the utter defeat of the United States, an attempt to invade Iran would be it. Osama bin Laden is probably rubbing his hands with glee this very moment at the very thought of the U.S. sticking its dick into THAT buzz-saw.... and Russia ain't far behind bin Laden, for that matter, they are still rankling over their collapse from super-power status back to just being another world power, and wishing with every evil wish in their dark little hearts that we not only continue our empire-destroying mistake of invading Iraq, but compound it by invading yet more countries too...

    - Badtux the Military Penguin


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