Wednesday, October 12, 2005

FEMA really DID disconnect emergency communications

One of the more explosive accusations by Parish President Aaron Broussard of Jefferson Parish, in his televised outburst, was that FEMA had disconnected the parish's communication lines and that his Sheriff had been required to dispatch scarce deputies to guard the communications. Now the New Orleans Times Picayune give us the details.

Seems that a FEMA "emergency communications team" arrived, looked for a tower to set up their own communications on, and spotted the Jefferson Parish communications tower with an antenna already on it. So they broke in via a door that was clearly marked "Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office", disconnected the Jefferson Parish equipment from the antenna, and plugged their own equipment into the antenna.

The exact details of who these people were, why they unplugged the Sheriff's equipment rather than climbing the tower and putting their own antenna on top, and who could be held accountable, is still unknown. But this is just an example of how the Feds have "helped" Louisiana... maybe if Louisiana had been a foreign nation, rather than part of the United States, help could have arrived within days like in Pakistan rather than most Louisianians still waiting for help weeks later. Hmm, do ya think?! What the freakin' use is it being part of the United States if the federal government cares more about Pakistanis than it cares about what is supposedly its own people?!

- Badtux the Peeved Penguin


  1. Silly Penguin. The reason Louisiana has not received priority treatment from the US government is because it doesn't train or harbor any terrorists. I mean, Pakistan does, and look how fast we helped them! Duh! If LA had only had the sense to provide safe haven to Osama Bin Laden like Pakistan did, they'd be farting in silk as we speak. Stupid cajuns!

  2. I'm absolutely blown away... How could anyone possibly justify doing that? What, did they think the locals were out roasting marshmallows??

  3. *pulls covers over head*

    Call me when it's over.

  4. I love how this story ends though...Sheriff Harry Lee got to send in his men with orders to shoot to kill anyone who tried that again once they got things reconnected. I really do puffy heart Harry Lee, kingpin that he is.


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