Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hammer hammered

So what's happened over the past three days that I've been working far too many hours?

Hmm, checking the news... Tom "Mr. Exterminator Man" DeLay is hammered with more charges! Couldn't happen to a betterworse person.

And of course Boy Scout Tom claims that prosecutor Ronnie Earle is being partison and vindictive. That's kinda like the pot calling the kettle black, or, as Ronnie put it, "Being called vindictive and partisan by Tom DeLay is like being called ugly by a frog". Fact of the matter is that a grand jury decided to lay charges against Tom, not Ronnie Earle. All that Ronnie did was lay the evidence in front of the grand jury and let them decide whether it merited charges or not.

Let's see, what else happened... oh yeah. The CEO's of Sun and Google, apparently tired of playing golf all day, decided to hold a news conference. What was this news conference about? Was it about, say, Google buying Sun? Or maybe Sun was going to sell Google thousands of servers? Or what? Err, none of the above. These two guys got themselves all spiffed up and got the Silicon Valley rumor mill working overtime over... err... two icons added to the Google toolbar.

Then there's the news about George W. Bush nominating an unqualified person. So what else is new? Like Drownie Brownie, she's certain to rise to the task. I mean, after all, sure, she's never been a judge, but if a man can go from inspecting horses' asses to being in charge of all disaster relief in America, surely a woman can go from being Dubya's personal masseuse to being a Supreme Court Justice and do just as well, right?

Time to stock my iceberg with some more MRE's, I guess...

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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