Friday, October 28, 2005

Cell phone dealings

If you wonder where I was on Thursday, I was looking for a new phone and service. After looking at all the major providers, I finally settled upon T-Mobile. They had the rate plan that fit me best (let's face it, penguins don't do much conversing on cell phones), and a decent Motorola flip-phone with Bluetooth for "free" (1 year contract) whereas the other vendors wanted a 2-year contract for a new phone and their "free" phones sucked.

So now my iceberg is once more happily in contact with the outside world. Phew, that's a relief!

- Badtux the Connected Penguin


  1. You forgot to give us your new phone number, B.T.....

  2. Two words: Number portability.


    - Badtux the "My phone changed, not my phone #" Penguin

  3. What was your phone number again? I lost it. :)

    Cell phone plans have to really be looked at. My sis had to find one that would work out in the boonies.. not the same provider as mine.


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