Sunday, October 16, 2005

What's for dinner?

Okay, last week's entry from The Bachelor's Cookbook (by BadTux the Rotund Penguin) was tuna/cheese melt wraps. Today's is slightly (very slightly) more complicated but has the benefit of using up the leftover tortillas and cheese from last week.

Bean and Cheese Burritos


One can refried beans
Pre-shredded monterrey jack and chedder cheese in a pouch (left over from last week)
Burrito-sized tortillas (left over from last week)
Salsa at your desired level of hotness (since I'm from Louisiana, I buy the "Hot hot HOT!" variety of salsa, damnyankees probably buy the mild stuff).

Dishes dirtied: One spoon, one knife.

Place one tortilla on paper plate.
Open can of refried beans.
Spread beans onto center of tortilla with knife.
Spoon salsa over beans, spread as desired.
Sprinkle cheese over salsa.
Wrap burrito-style.
Nuke in microwave for 45 seconds.
Repeat until full.


- Badtux the Rotund Penguin


  1. Confession time: I'm a New England native, and I ususally buy the "medium" salsa. The "hot" is just too much, man (I suppose you drink Tabasco, too). But now I'm wondering if I should put together a New England cookbook -- I swear, the northeast has the worst food in the nation. There are people in my hometown who consider corned beef hash a delicacy, for Christ's sake. The same with scrod. I don't even like the name of that. I also know lots of people who drink Moxie reguarly; if you don't know what that is, you don't want to. And the baked beans Boston is famous for? They taste like cardboard. Virginians' baked beans are way tastier -- one Virginian I know puts pineapple in her repice; that revolutionized baked beans as far as I was concerned.

    If I do this, I will certainly credit you for the inspiration.

    Til further on...

  2. Excellent series, Bad Tux. I'm a Southerner so I like a touch of hot, but my husband (mis)spent part of his youth in Arizona so his taste runs to things that put most mortals in the hospital. Simple, individually made burritos should allow us to season appropriately. Since all of these items are staples in our house tonight shall be Bad Tux Burrito Night.

  3. Your burrito- you forgot some other goodies that might help-
    sour cream, quacomole (sp),
    and try shredding a couple different cheeses- it makes it so much more interesting.....

    Oh, and the NE person- to fix beans add Brown mustard, and maple syrup, nutmeg, and brown sugar...right ?...I don't know what scrod is but it sound like something you catch and then take antibiotics....

    Badtux I lurk here often , stop by

  4. Uhm, Brother Enigma, I think you miss the point of The Bachelor's Cookbook. The point is to mess up as few dishes as possible and use as few (and long-lived!) ingredients as possible in order to produce filling main courses. If your refrigerator regularly contains sour cream and guacamole, of course consider using it in your burritos. If not, however, these burritos are quite tasty, and require dirtying a whole two (2) pieces of silverware.

    - Badtux the Bachelor Penguin


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