Monday, October 10, 2005

Notes on FEMA corruption from WWL:

Lafayette debris removal company: Wanted to bid on debris removal, but debris removal contract was put up for bid on a web page only mentioned to Bush cronies.

Jefferson parish mobile home dealer: Bought hundreds of mobile homes, tried to get FEMA to talk to them for weeks, but FEMA never returned their calls. FEMA signed a contract with a Tennessee Bush crony.

Avondale Shipyard wanted to bring back their workforce and open up for business, but didn't have any housing for their workers. FEMA refused to talk to them for weeks. And now has passed down a memo that says FEMA will not provide housing for workers near their workplace, only will provide housing in Femavilles (Bushvilles?).

From Chicken warehouse cleanup goes to Bush-connected cronies who are doing a lousy job. Local contractors who could do a better job are bypassed, and Corps of Engineers ignores the chicken company's pleas.

More examples of FEMA corruption from

And they say Louisiana government is corrupt?! Compared to the Bush crime syndicate, Louisiana politics is ludicrously innocent!

- Badtux the Astounded Penguin


  1. I am not astounded, The Bush regime is very corrupt.

  2. That astonishment was sarcasm on my part, my fellow Louisianian...

    - Badtux the Louisiana Penguin (in exile)


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