Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just being lazy

The kabuki goes on in Washington. We have the circuses, but not the bread, apparently because the Vandals Republicans carried it all away when they looted Rome Washington. The only question is who plays the role of incompetent Valentinian III in this play, and who played the role of Pope Leo I and opened the gates to the barbarian hoard.

I am unmotivated to report on the decline of the empire. What can I say. So listen to some music. Meanwhile I'm going to go play a videogame or something mind-deadening like that.

-- Badtux the Unmotivated Penguin


  1. Not to mention the handles.

    I could go on.

    But I'm reading a good book now.

    the Vandals Republicans carried it all away when they looted Rome Washington

  2. As cynical as I am, and as much as I thought this whole "debt ceiling crisis" was cooked-up (or should that be "COKED-up"?) theatrics, even I'm surprised at the manipulated way it played out. All "budget cuts" (almost none of which will be made any time soon) and no tax increases. Not even slowing the depreciation rate on corporate jets. Putzident Hopey gives the Repukes everything we want and proclaims it as a victory for the nation, because it avoids that horrible default.

    Mrs. Bukko and I went across the border yesterday to visit some friends who have 43 rural acres (perfect doomstead property) in Washington State on the slopes of Mount Baker, just south of the Canadian line. I had planned on hitting an ATM at a branch of our American bank to withdraw some cash money. Despite my cynicism, I thought there was a chance that it wasn't all scripted, that the R's might stage a token default that would scramble the credit system and make cash king for a while. Don't know what I was going to do with the cash, maybe swoop down into the U.S. and pick up come "we're desperate for your paper money" bargains. Turned out there was only a Bank of America branch in the small town on the American side of the crossing (the city on the Canadian side was MUCH more prosperous-looking) so I didn't cash out. I don't want to pay even an ATM surcharge of Bank of fuckyouAmerica. Good to see that my sloth was rewarded by events.

    How is it that EVERYBODY, even the lameasstream media, is not screaming "Every headline for the past three weeks has been part of a sham!" OK, the meeja isn't saying that because they were the megaphones for the scam. But don't the reporters get tired of knowing that they're being used as suckers? Don't the American people get sick of being whipped into a fake frenzy over a totally created non-event? The ending of this hooh-hah, which was hyped for so long, is so obviously pre-cooked that it's as obvious as the strings holding up the spaceship in "Plan 9 From Outer Space." Is there no limit to the blatancy that the puppet-masters will resort to?

    It's my anger at being chumped for saying this, and my mistaken notion that I'm somewhat immune from the consequences because I'm (barely) outside the country, but I'm hoping the United States crashes HARD. The power structure deserves it. There will be a lot of suffering from average folks, but they're going to suffer anyway. As scripted, it will be a slow gnawing away, devouring them from the feet up. Only a sudden, massive debacle will get so out of control that the sociopathic lizard overlords will be swept away by it too. There MUST be some set of circumstances that they cannot play like a fish on the line.

  3. All the crashing is going to happen to the little people. It's just meant to enhance the disparity. The wealthy and powerful designed it that way.

    They will be a bit shocked at the fact that their world will change when they gradually have no more customers, here or abroad, but the only difference there is, the bottom tier of princes will slide into the caste of peasants. The architects of the disaster will still land on top.

    Of course, the worst of them may not mind losing customers, because they planned the end of capitalism in just this way. They'll stop renting to us, and just boldly take everything they can reach. We'll see the transition from capitalism to feudalism, and it won't be fun from this end.

    Hope you all enjoyed the pinnacle of American civilization.

  4. At this stage I identify with the Emperor Julius.

  5. You mean Julius Caesar, mandt or JuliaN, aka "The Apostate"?I recently finished reading Gore Vidal's book on the latter -- found it cheap in a used bookstore, and it was a good companion for my two-years-long-and-counting project to read "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire." I can identify with the latter Julie, who tried to reverse the stranglehold that crazed, empire-destroying Christians were getting on the Roman Empire after Emperor Constantine let them attain power. I have higher respect for paganism after reading about how the Christian church has been so crazy from the get-go. It helped undermine the Romans so much that they were destroyed by barbarians with much pain and blood-drenched death. Today's Xtians, the attack dogs of the plutocrats, will do the same to the American empire.

  6. Meant Julian. oops thanks BC

  7. At the risk of sounding snottier than I intend...

    Look up and look around. Christianity is not the sole curse of the planet. Do you folks have any real experience with Islam or do you just assume that as they are not Christians they must be o.k.?

    I am Christian, after a fashion, but it is my opinion/observation that any religion is a curse and a danger if it gets out of a locked box. It is too powerful, too virulent, too potentially destructive for the average person - sort of like nuclear weapons.

    Just my two cents.

  8. In case you haven't been paying attention, Anon, as a practicing Tuxologist I feel that all current organized religions are a scam and a heresy and all true believers therein shall be condemned to to an eternity of eating herring in the nude in Hell, Michigan. It just so happens that this particular one was about the kabuki going on in Washington, mostly done by folks who practice Christianity. But I assure you that Tuxology's view of Muslims is no better :p.

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  9. practicing Tuxologist! ROTFLMAO My idea of hell is confined forever in a sushi, taco, chicken/fry, Wimpy Burger emporium in Bakersfield with Duff.

  10. But mandt, tyhat would be FUN! You could stick his head in the deep fryer.


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