Friday, July 22, 2011

Flightless in America

Yay, the Senate goes home without re-authorizing the FAA.

Nice time to be a flightless waterfowl. If this shutdown of the FAA continues, you're *all* going to be flightless. Yeah, ATC is still gonna be up and running, and TSA is run by Homeland Security so isn't affected, but things like pilot certifications, aircraft worthiness tests, and so forth won't be happening. If you don't have your check ride and ticket from the FAA, you don't fly -- period. And that needs to be renewed *yearly*, so in a month or so a large number of airline pilots are suddenly not going to be rated to fly the jet they're flying -- and they won't be able to legally fly. And won't fly. And neither will you.

Just another gift from the Republican refusal to govern...

-- Badtux the Flightless Penguin


  1. "the Republican refusal to govern... "

    I always thought that in the American system it'took two to tango'!
    David Duff

  2. The Rethugs insisted on a clause that eliminated collective bargaining from all affected entities.

    It's back to the 12th century.


  3. duff, it only takes one to poison the well.

  4. Indeed, it takes two to tango. And if one of them won't even accept phone calls from the other one, there ain't no tango goin' down, yo. Sir Boner of Orange ain't takin' the President's phone calls. Funny how that tends to put a monkey wrench in the dance card!

    - Badtux the Dance Penguin


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