Sunday, July 03, 2011

White kids

The only way they could be whiter would be if they got spraypainted with white house paint.

Yeah, I'm back from the beach. Now chillin' in 70F weather here in Santa Clara, after a day that hit 95 or so at my place. It was 65F at the beach, BTW. Nice and pleasant as long as you wear sleeves...

-- Badtux the Chillin' Penguin


  1. Yep. They are translucently white.

  2. Do penguins get sunburns?

  3. Cookie, some mother should be feeling proud of herself for all the gallons of sun blocker she's slathered on her progeny.

    MandT, penguins only leave their iceberg whilst fully dressed in formal attire, so of course they do not get sunburns. A big floppy hat to keep the beak from burning finishes the ensemble.

    - Badtux the Well-dressed Penguin


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