Monday, July 04, 2011

Panoramic Valley

Click on the image to embiggen it. Note that this is a downsized version of the original, which was 4912x1090 pixels.

This panorama is courtesy of my new Sony DSC-HX100V camera. You set the dial mode switch to "Intelligent Panorama", hit the button, and sweep it slowly but steadily across the scene, and it automagically stitches multiple images together into a panorama.

Oh yah, it was cooler today than yesterday, but I went out to Point Reyes anyhow.

-- Badtux the Vacationing Penguin


  1. 3D artists dig cameras like this. Panoramic and HDR images can greatly enhance 3D work. Panoramas can, of course, create a nice environment, and HDR images can actually act as the lighting in a scene, so your 3D objects are lit in a way that matches the back plate perfectly.

  2. Mmmm... (drools over picture) my camera suddenly seems lame, lame, lame.

  3. Fully 33 years ago I snapped (and snapped and snapped and...) my only successful panorama, later pasting it together across two album pages with a loose pic to be held in the middle. It was a picture of the tallest mountain range in Styria (a state in Austria) in the distance, together with Styria's largest marijuana plant in the foreground. I regret to report that one of my colleagues, who later proved to be a thief in other ways, whacked away at the plant with a pocketknife, probably harvesting the poor farmer's whole summer supply.

    This way of taking panoramas seems much easier.

  4. Minerva, you can actually get higher-def panoramas by doing the multiple snapping yourself, then use digital panorama software to stitch the digital photos together. Thing about this Sony camera is that it makes it *easy*. But the results aren't as good as the old-style way.

    Steve, yeah, making panoramas is a PITA even if you do it the new-fangled digital way of feeding a bunch of photos into software that automagically stitches them together. That's one reason I got this camera -- it deals with that PITA. Still doesn't take as good of photos as a real DSLR though, the photos I took this weekend are *noisy* when you zoom in on the detail... still, for what it is, it does quite well.

    -Badtux the Photographing Penguin


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