Sunday, July 03, 2011

Parboiled Penguin

Yesterday was friggin' *HOT* here in the Silly Cone Valley, and I was out in my driveway most of the day installing a new gas tank skid plate on my Jeep. Hard to be a shade tree mechanic when you don't have a shade tree -- my driveway is full sun :( .

I had a blog post in mind that I wanted to write yesterday, but given that the weather forecast for today is "Bake" too, I'm heading to the beach instead. 'Bye!

-- Badtux the Parboiled Penguin


  1. Come back to Phoenix -- it was *only* 116° yesterday...and more of the same for today!

  2. No thank you. Anything over 105 is "Bake", and anything over 110 is "Fry". Been there, done that. When it's 90F at 6AM in the morning, like when it gets that hot during the day in monsoon season, it's just *hot*.

    But thing is, in Phoenix you have air conditioning. We don't have air conditioning here in the Silly Cone Valley, because it's not supposed to get that hot here. Yeah right...

    - Badtux the Shake-n-bake Penguin

  3. BadTux,
    what's your favorite beach? And how do you cope with beachgoing traffic? That's really what keeps me away from the beach.

  4. Sorry about a little error in my post -- the NWS listed the high for Saturday as 118°, not 116°, as I stated above. They did note, though, that clouds from monsoon activity kept it from reaching 120°.

  5. Minerva, I drive to Santa Cruz, take a right on Highway 1, and start looking for beaches. If I find one that's not too crowded, that's the one. I haul my camp chair out there, lean back with a big floppy hat and a book, and relax. As for the traffic... (shrug). My Jeep is air conditioned so I don't care. After all, my goal is to escape an un-airconditioned house, not necessarily to sit on a beach :).

    Marc, even when I lived in Phoenix and was acclimated to the heat, I reserved my outdoors activities to before 9am or after 6pm during the monsoon season. Anything else is heatstroke territory due to the heat and humidity. But thing is, I had air conditioning in Phoenix. That's not true here, except in my Jeep of course. Luckily we have a natural air conditioner off our coast (the Alaska Current), and the hot weather inland serves as a heat pump to suck cool air in from over the ocean... well, if you're close enough to the coast, anyhow. Like, on the beach, where it was in the mid 60's today while at my house it got up to the high 90's :).

    - Badtux the Cooled-down Penguin


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