Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another right-wing terrorist attack

It didn't really make the news because there wasn't a body count like with the right-wing Norwegian terrorist, but the right-wing jihad against Planned Parenthood continues. Fire-bombing clinics barely even makes the news nowadays, it's so routine. Yet these are terrorist attacks. Not terribly effective ones because right-wingers tend to be morons, but terrorist attacks none the less.

-- Badtux the Terror Penguin


  1. Just remember, BT, that whatever the far-right does is perfectly acceptable, because "it's defendin' Murrican values like life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, guns, beer, an' NASCAR." It's the same with the vast majority of radical "right-to-lifers" who happen to be male ("we cain't let them wimmen deeee-cide, cuz they might deeecide not to birth them no more babies, and them they might want to deeeeecide other things too")

    Unfortunately, IOKIYAR still lives on.

  2. Actually, a shocking number of women are anti-choice. I say shocking because I can't understand it, even after many years of trying. When I was in my breeding years, my husband and I chose not to have children. But if I had gotten pregnant, would I have had an abortion? I don't know; I had other health issues that would have made it difficult to raise a family. But I had the economic resources to make that choice.

    Can people not walk in another's shoes? Can they not see that for some people, in some situations, aborting a fetus (or better yet, and embryo) that's not yet fully human is a better choice than a life-destroying pregnancy? Yes, it's possible to bear and put the baby up for adoption, but what if its a "special needs" baby? What if its the wrong color? What if bearing a child is life-threatening for the mother? There are so many what-ifs that do not bode well.

    Abortion should be safe, legal, and rare; we need to work as a society on making the alternatives -- and that includes safe, reliable, cheap birth control -- viable for every woman in every socioeconomic class, and accept that there will still be a few situations where abortion is the best choice.

  3. Well said, Karen. I'd also add, why don't we work to build an economy where having children is a good thing?


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