Monday, July 18, 2011

The march of progress

Above: President Obama comforts a woman in the aftermath of the Missouri tornados

Fifty years ago, they would have lynched any black man who dared hug a white woman.

Think about that. Yeah, the regressives have made a ton of political progress over the past fifty years, but on the social front? They're losing. They're losing big. Homosexuality is no longer a disease to be cured, women work outside the home and have careers and some even choose to not be wombs on legs (gasp!), and it's no longer acceptable to use the N-word in polite company. Why, one of those darkies can even be elected preznit of teh United States!

Is it any wonder why the right-tards are blowing fuses and trying their best to blow up the country? Their ideas have largely been relegated to the dust-bin of history. They're just trying to make sure the rest of us end up there too.

-- Badtux the On-the-positive-side Penguin


  1. As of late it sure does seem like the Republican Party is in the process of imploding. Good riddance!

  2. I think the word "white-tards" is more appropriate for the big babies who are kicking and screaming against the arrival of the New Order. But they're still able to sign up tokens for their team, like the guvnuh of your former state, and Nikki Haley, and Clarence uncleThomas.

  3. As a Canuck, I feel almost unqualified to comment here - at least about U.S. racial politics.
    My wife and I sat entranced, watching the 2008 election night. What history!

    Sadly, Obama's race and nominally Democratic party affiliation have allowed him to enact a Republican legislative package dubya would be proud of.
    More war. check
    more corruption. check.
    destroy the social safety net. check.
    accelerating disemployment. check.

    face it, he will go down in history as one of the worst presidents, white, or black, (or Hispanic or Asian when the time comes)

  4. Homosexuality is no longer a disease to be cured

    May I introduce you to the Bachmanns?

    Racism is still alive and swell - it's just less overt, and has learned to speak in code.



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