Thursday, April 07, 2011

Why I Quit Teaching, Part 2,423,973

8 year old boy goes on rampage, tries to stab teachers with sharp object, must be subdued by police who pepper sprayed his ass to get him to drop the sharp object he was threatening to stab police with. And the mother says the cops should have "talked the boy down" like they did "the other two times". Excuse me? Your little angel has had the cops called on him not once, not twice, but THREE times (and believe me, schools do *not* call in the cops on a whim, because it's way bad PR), and you're whining that your little angel got pepper sprayed when he threatened to stab cops?

Dude. Just... dude. That is one mother in serious denial. The kid doesn't have "anger issues". The kid has *PARENTING* issues. As in, he ain't gettin' none. I never did shit like that in school for one good reason -- if I had, the principal would have called my father, my father would have rushed right down to the school, grabbed my ass right there in front of the whole fucking world, and whupped my butt until I was a sobbing heap on the floor. And I knew it, so I pretty much stayed sneaky when I felt like being disobedient, rather than disrupting the whole fucking classroom. Hiding a car magazine behind my open textbook to admire the trim lines and sexy bulges was the limits of my disobedience, 'cause if I'd done shit that caused my father to get called to school.... oooh boy. Not something I wanted to think about *at all*.

So anyhow. I never had a kid come at me with a weapon. I had a couple kids get in my face, but homey don't play that and they didn't go further than that 'cause they knew I didn't give a shit anymore and didn't know what I'd do if they took it further. I definitely encountered plenty of "special" kids though. Who generally had "special" parents, as in, parents who believed their kid's shit didn't stink and that if the kid was misbehaving, it was 'cause the school was being mean to him, not 'cause he was a mean little shit who beat up 1st graders for their lunch money. So anyhow, back to the kid and pepper spray. Just the other day, a cop around here got sent to the hospital when he got stabbed two times by a young kid like that. When the cops get called into a situation, the first responsibility of the cops is to assure the safety of the bystanders. The second responsibility of the cops is to assure their own safety. Then, and only then, does the safety of the perp come into the equation. And if you're the perp, like this kid, you learn a valuable lesson at that point -- that if you come at a cop with a sharp object, the *least* they will do is pepper spray your ass. Frankly, if the kid had been a teenager they probably would have tasered him on the spot and not even bothered with the pepper spray, you got a kid threatening you with a sharp object, your job as a cop is to end the situation right then and there as quickly as possible before anybody can get hurt. Which is exactly what the cops did here -- they ended the situation, and nobody got hurt. The pepper spray made the poor innocent little angel's face burn? Oh WAHHH!

The sad thing is that now the kid's been transferred to a "special" school. As in, the money that could be used to educate EIGHT kids whose parents give a shit about their child's behavior is now being used for this "special" kid. And now you know why our schools have budget problems...

-- Badtux the Former Teacher Penguin


  1. taser the bastard
    pepper spray his face
    stomp the miscreant
    put him in his place

    sympathy none
    empathy why
    this bitch has it coming
    just let it fly

    eight kids or more
    you can not keep count
    so much is wasted
    such an absurd amount

    our darling students
    angels each one
    except for that special
    one with a gun

    if we were honest
    which we are not
    remember this student
    deserves what he got

  2. No, what the kid deserves is a PARENT. What he got is an ENABLER. That mom wants to know why the cops keep getting called on her 8 year old little angel, she needs to look in the mirror. That's what I'm sayin'.

    - Badtux the "Kids need parents" Penguin

  3. Holy crap. Third strike and the little 'angel' AND his mother should be out. If someone doesn't reel his little ass in, one day a cop is going to have to shoot him to stop a rampage.

    Oh, and Finefrog? High FIVE for entering Nat'l Poetry month!

  4. BadTux, I made a good friend while in the military of a former music teacher. He taught 8-12th grades. The stories he told made me understand why he figured *enlisting* in the military was better than staying a teacher - and that was back in the mid-80's.

  5. My father was counselor at a middle school for a while during his career. His office was in a suite with the principal and VP. One day a girl came in demanding to see the principal. She was wearing a heavy coat indoors. My dad, an old Navy man, recognized the impression of a gun in her pocket. He seized her and held her while someone called the cops, thereby saving his own, the principal's and VP's, and probably the girl's life.

    Not long after that, Dad decided it was time to change schools. Not too long after he did that, he decided it was time to retire. Cases of guns in schools in HISD went from rare in his day to common perhaps a decade ago; by now there are metal detectors on outside school doors here. Curiously, about the same time, I gave up any notion of following in my father's career footsteps...


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