Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Long-term parking

Guess what happens if you park a trailer on a city street for a week or so and don't happen to inform the neighborhood busybody about it? Yessiree, it gets towed. Some folks named Head On Photos parked their trailer on my street. No beef off my back, I figured it was a company run by one of my neighbors but didn't bother checking it out. But the neighborhood busybody lady of course got annoyed after the trailer just *sat* there for almost two weeks with no sign of moving, she *did* check it out and apparently nobody copped to owning the trailer (or if they did cop to owning the trailer, copped an attitude about it), and she called the cops, who promptly red-tagged it for violating the 72 hour limit. I noticed the tag today, it has a date sometime tomorrow on it as the deadline. So sometime tomorrow, no more trailer on my street.

Point, point... if you are starting a new business and want long-term parking for shit like that, rent a space somewhere, don't just dump your junk on some residential street and expect it to be there weeks later when you come back for it. DOH! And it ain't even all that expensive, compared to having to pay towing and impound fees when your junk gets towed. Place where I store my junk, you can rent a trailer storage space for $100/month, which is a helluva lot cheaper than the impound fee's gonna be.

So it goes. I dropped'em a line that their trailer was red-tagged, no idea whether they'll get the trailer before traffic enforcement comes back again and calls the tow service. This doesn't bode well for the future of their business, though, if they fuck up simple shit like this...

-- Badtux the Helpful Penguin


  1. Good onya for trying to help the poor sods, Tux. I hope they're smart enough to listen to a heads-up.

  2. Bukko's right, it was a good deed. I don't even complain about my neighbor's motorhome, which they park in front of their house for weeks at a time and block half the lane by rolling out the livingroom into the road. Unless something's really broken down and truly abandoned, I say live and let live.

  3. It's a form of advertising, and I report it immediately, since the various businesses that run this around me have no compunction about parking so as to obstruct sight-lines when you have to pull out into traffic.Yes, I tried calling them first, and was treated first like a prospect, then like an annoyance.
    Doesn't seem to have stopped them, though. Still 3 or 4 every week parked so that you can't see around them.

    Now, neighbors are a different story. I agree with Minerva. We apparently share some neighbors, or they have relatives with similar motorhomes and habits.

  4. Yogs, this isn't the sort of street where you advertise for race car photography. It's not a thru-street, it's not well trafficked, and the people who live here are pretty much not the correct demographic for race car photography, this is a primarily Asian street in an Asian community. I thought at first that this was one of my neighbors' trailers, since I have a neighbor who has a big 4x4 pickup that he's always loading or unloading dirt bikes from, but apparently not.

    Cath, I wasn't going to expend any energy, so I dropped an email. They can read it or not. Either way, the trailer is goine.

    Bukko, see Yogi below for why some businesses will park their trailers on the street rather than rent a space for it. Thing is, that works only if you regularly move the trailer. This trailer's just been *sitting*, which is why the neighborhood busybody called Parking Control.

    - Badtux the Somewhat-helpful Penguin


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