Thursday, April 07, 2011

Look, honey, I found 7,000 votes!

Wisconsin discovers 7,000 votes for GOP candidate. Said votes had apparently been "accidentally" left on a county recorder's personal computer, and "accidentally" discovered during the canvassing process.

Hmm... I seem to recall another election where something of the sort happened... Box 13, anybody?. I guess the question is whether the registration book was signed in alphabetical order in the same handwriting, or they got several different people to sign it when they schlupped Box 13 up to Wisconsin ;).

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. This was predictable. Indeed, when Kloppenburg won by such a small margin, I did predict it. Just remember: "honest" is not one of the twelve adjectives a Boy Scout is required to be.

    I strongly feel that e-voting systems should be abolished and made illegal in the U.S. Paper systems may be imperfect, but by their nature e-voting systems are not secure, and the particular systems our counties have been sold could be hacked by a small child... Diebold, with a vengeance!

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  3. This was Nickolaus' second time doing this. Those Republicans are such creatures of habit.


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