Wednesday, April 27, 2011

That birth certificate thang

Obama releases his long-form birth certificate.

Will the release of this document change the mind of birthers? Of course not. World Nut Daily already doubled down on the crazy and announced, "Even Hawaii birth won't make Obama eligible". Other birthers like Oily Taitz swiftly followed suit. Because no document in the world will ever make Obama eligible to be President in their eyes, because no document in the world will ever turn Obama white.

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. It's unmitigated, unapologetic racism, pure and simple. I can't help feeling that at some point the birthers will get together to standardize what they believe, into a sort of Nicene Creed of racial bigotry against Obama. Now won't THAT be a "Christian" gesture!

    [CAPTCHA text: "branch" ... Executive, I suppose...]

  2. Even if it could turn Obama white, they would still continue to scream at the top of their lungs about his illegitimacy as a president because he would still be a Democrat (Haha) instead of a Republican.

    The wingnuts are so insane now that Obama could be a member of the KKK and they would still be trying to impeach him for the crime of being a commie/fascist/soshulist/muslim/liberul as opposed to a black/commie/fascist/soshulist/muslim/liberul. Race is just one more thing that they have added to their list of things to froth at the mouth about but it is by no means the only reason they would invent to hate him.

  3. Aside from his skin tone, which they find so disagreeable, Obama is the best Republican president they could hope to get after two terms of Bush and the nomination of McCrankyPants


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