Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ah, that hit the spot...

Had a pork and vegetables rice plate at the local Vietnamese restaurant for lunch today. One doesn't appreciate a working gut until you had to do without one for a few days...

- Badtux the Satisfied Penguin

Further update: Got that Activia yogurt today. Strawberry variety. The verdict is... bleh. Thus far the most palatable has been the mixed-berry Yoplait, where the various berry flavors helped hid the chalky nasty taste.


  1. Congrats!

    You must be feeling a HELL of a lot better.


  2. Glad you're well again, BadTux. Can't say I'd have celebrated in the same way, but WTF*, fortunately, not everyone likes the same foods. :-)

    * WTF = "what's that... food?"

  3. Jazz, that rice plate actually isn't all that difficult to digest -- it's mostly rice, after all, and the pork and vegetables are sliced very thin. I eat it with some Vietnamese hot sauce and Chinese hoisan sauce, but neither of those are particularly hard on the gullet. So I'm not sure what the "HELL of a lot better" is about. Definitely feeling *better*, but it's not as if I'd suddenly gone out and eaten some huge greasy Mexican dinner or somethin'!

    Steve, I like most East Asian food, with the exception of Thai. This is one of my regulars that I eat often because it's cheap and filling and reasonably nutritious. Tomorrow I'll probably do a big bowl of pho for much the same reason. Still not quite ready for my favorite greasy spoon taqueria though :).

    - Badtux the Culinary Penguin

  4. Honey, if you like a certain fruit, for christ's sake, don't buy yougurt or candy or anything else with that flavor, 'cuz they're always gross. I HAVE to eat the dang stuff, so I ignore the chalky flavor. I like the Activia blueberry deserts flavor. I'm sorry you don't like it. They also have those liquid ones that you just down quickly like medicine. Yakult (?) It would make the suffering quick anyway.

    Eat the pho for a while, the Mexican will be wunnerful when you finally get to eat it. (love the basil and jalapeno w the pho :)

  5. check out the sugar content on yakult and activia and suchlike.

  6. I like yogurt, but I don't like Activia. When there's a container abandoned in the refrigerator at work (Bukko's Workplace Thievery Rule: Anything left sitting on the shelf of a staff refrigerator for a week has been forgotten by its owner, and is fair game to steal) I won't even swipe it.

    Isn't Activia the kind that's supposed to work like a laxative? I checked out their website before I shot my mouth off, but all I see is mealy-mouthed ad-speak about "regulating the digestive system" or somesuch. Like they're too delicate to say straight out "If you're constipated, our yogurt will give you the shits." AD COPY WRITERS -- if you're too euphemistic, potential customers won't know what the food you're talking about!

    BTW, for those of you who read comments on Tux's prior thread, there is no such thing as Sardinian yogurt with jumping worms. I was making up bullshit for humour. (There IS a Sardinian cheese like that, though.)

  7. Tux, as someone who reads you all the time and never, ever, ever comments, I just have to say that you should try one of the Greek yogurts like Fage or Stoney Hill Farms Oikas (preferably with honey or carmel instead of fruit). They don't taste as much like yogurt if you avoid the fruit flavors and you can probably get through them without gagging. I know that's what I do.

  8. Yeah, Bukko, so far the pickings appear to be slim at my local grocery store. Other than a couple of unflavored ones in tubs (apparently intended for cooking purposes), the only other yogurt there was a store brand, Sunnyside Farms, I got the mixed berry one in that too (since it appears to be aimed at Yoplait and that was the most edible one of the Yoplait) but my guess it will be no better than the Yoplait was.

    Lynne, the only Greek one they had was an unflavored one. I'm not up to Bukko's yogurt huffing so I passed on that. The problem is that I need to be able to have these in handy single-serving containers because I eat it at lunch, which sort of precludes anything that I have to actually mix with something else because there's too many moving parts to put into my lunch bag in the morning (I am *not* a morning person!).

    - Badtux the Regular Penguin

  9. Momma Lynne, I can't imagine being someone who reads an accessible blogger like Tux all the time and never comments. But then, I'm a compulsive mouth-shooter-offer. Online, at least. In person, I tend to be more circumspect, prone to laying back and interjecting pithy comments with a sardonic edge.

    Tux, bummer that you don't have easy access to a variety of food. My view of Cali food-shopping was spoiled because we lived in the Yuppie paradise of San Francisco proper. Since we're foodies, we'd think nothing of driving a couple hills over to the Rainbow Food Coop, which is organic hippie heaven. Lots of yogurt and everything else there. Plus it's the only place I've seen where organic vegetables are LESS expensive than conventional.

  10. Okay. Apparently I've been very spoiled by the stores I've been close to since I could find the 2 yogurts in single serving sizes even when I lived in Wyoming. Sorry about you not having even a Kroger close to you Tux.

    Bukko, you and Jazzbumpa and Steve and all the rest always say pretty much what I'm thinking so I've just never felt the need to interject.

  11. If I say what you're thinking, you must be a tad deranged, because it's my inner snarkastic maniac I unleash here.

  12. If you want every conceivable kind of yogurt (well, not quite) available at one store, you probably have to live close to a Whole Paycheck. Kroger does decently in that department, and most of the Safeway-affiliated stores (in Houston they are Randall's) carry a good variety.

    The problem with the flavored single-serving containers is that the flavoring is typically awful, no matter what the yogurt itself is like. A quarter-inch layer of jelly at the bottom does NOT taste like fruit. On one of my contracts that was far from home, I used to go to the trouble of carrying not only a container of plain yogurt but also a separate container with real blueberries/raspberries/whatever to mix with it. MUCH better than the jellied stuff!

  13. I hate yogurt. Avoided it for over 50 years. Decided, though, when I went vegetarian, that I would really, really try to like it. I also hated that yucky, chalky taste.

    Okay, that said, I tried Chobani, one of the Greek yogurts you can get just about anywhere ... and, yes, in individual serving sizes.

    Started with the vanilla. It wasn't horrible, I decided, especially when I added a bit of honey and more vanilla. Then I bought the honey flavor, which has actual honey that you mix in. Hmmm. Stuck with that for awhile then jumped the shark and bought a 12-pk. of the mixed Chobani. They. Were. Good.

    I'm a convert. I hate converts. They prosletize.


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