Monday, April 11, 2011

Dumb ideas

Texas Republicans pass bill raising speed limit to 85mph. (H/T)

The Interstate highways in Texas were designed to 75mph standard. Neither the sight lines, the road surface, nor the width of the lanes are appropriate for 85mph. You might say, "what's 10mph?". Well, I've driven 85mph (gasp! I broke the law! But I'm not telling you *when*, the statute of limitations has expired I'm sure). 85mph feels subjectively *much* scarier than 75mph. Any imperfection in your tires starts making itself known as vibration in the steering. Your tires start skipping off of imperfections in the roadway because your shocks can no longer respond fast enough to keep them on the road, and things start getting a bit loosy goosey for that reason too. Not as much so as at *95*mph, where things start getting quite terrifying in a standard automobile even on a deserted stretch of pavement with no other cars around, but still, the speed limit gets raised to 85mph in Texas, there's gonna be a lot fewer Texans around.

Wait... I'm sayin' that as if it were a BAD thing. Clearly, we must look at the bright side of life! Fewer Texans means less influence of Texas on national politics, which clearly is a good thing, right? ;)

-- Badtux the Python-channellin' Penguin


  1. Yes, well. As a Texan I can't say I entirely disagree. Raising the limit is stupid. Mostly because it means a reduction in income for local counties and municipalities from speeding tickets cause damn, you do 75 and you're being passed like a little old lady on a Sunday morning drive.

  2. If you insist on driving 75 mph in Texas, you'd better keep an eye on your rearview mirror... those large truck tire tracks up the back and over the passenger compartment can be downright uncomfortable! (Srsly... a friend of mine died that way. The danger is real.)

    I speak from experience. I've driven Texas highways at 75 mph because my old car isn't stable going any faster than that. But it's kinda scary, and you can bet I stay in the right-hand lane more or less permanently.

  3. Thing is, you raise the speed limit to 85, half the dumbasses out there are gonna be going *at least* 90. I know where you're comin' from about 75mph, I have out-of-state plates so I don't go faster than that even in West Texas where there's nothing surrounded by nothing, but these highways weren't designed for 90mph any more than they were designed for 85mph.

    Oh well, at least we'll have a few less good ole' boys 'round them thare parts after this law goes through...

    - Badtux the Brighter Side Penguin

  4. there ya go again - pick'in on dumb ass texan's

  5. Now we just have to spread the meme that ay-rabs and the French are afraid of driving faster than 80mph, and 90mph grows your penis.

    Also, school board officials are most awesomest when they swerve as quickly as possible between lanes, but only when they're not near other cars.

    And the longer you can keep your eyes closed while driving 75mph, the more conservative you are.

    And seat belts are for yankees.

  6. What can I say, One Fly, like shooting fish in a barrel.

    Nans, we are a bloody-minded bunch, aren't we? :).

    - Badtux the "Brighter Side" Penguin

  7. There are some Texans I have the upmost respect for. Bill Moyers is one of them for instance Fearguth another. I'm all for slapping Texans around so in bad taste a bad joke.

    Ya know what they say about Texans - - - it's proof Indians fucked buffalo.

    There are so many Texans around here south of Pueblo you wouldn't believe.

  8. Bring back 55 MPH.

    Just because I used to often cruise at 100 MPH doesn't mean I should have been.

  9. I'd raise the speed limit to 120mph and give away free pint jugs of nitroglycerin at the on-ramps.


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