Monday, April 25, 2011

The lizard people's war on children continues

I once wangled my way into one of the Houston Republican Party get-togethers back during the early 90′s and figured out just what they were the moment one of the prominent members started talking about how he was tired of paying his tax money to educate other people’s children (this was a short while after complaining about how he could not find good employees for his business), how public schools were socialism and how people who could not afford to send their children to private schools, as he did, simply shouldn’t have children. I interjected, “but the children didn’t choose to be born, why should they be punished for what their parents did?” He simply sneered “they should have chosen richer parents then.” There was nothing I could say to that, since the man was obviously deranged. You would not know this man, who prefers to stay behind the scenes, but you would know the man he got elected as a Congressman from Houston, a man by the name of Tom DeLay…

They are not only sociopathic scum, but they are utterly deranged, living in an alternate universe where there is no cause and effect relationship between cutting education and not being able to find good employees for your business, an alternate universe where children choose what parents they are born to and thus foster children clearly chose to be born as what they are. The fact that these utter psychopaths are running our nation, more or less, is chilling. Yet: Every single one of these lizard people, these sociopathic scum, got elected by the majority of voters in his or her district. Every… single… one. Does that say that the majority of American voters are evil? Are idiots? Are brainwashed fools? I don’t know, I just don’t see any hope for America. I mean, who would vote for people who propose that we send foster children to school in rags (presumably so that *our* children will know not to associate with them)?

Oh yes, the latest outrage in the lizard people's war on children... homeless woman arrested for THEFT for crime of enrolling her child in school. Because, you see, she didn't have a permanent address in the school district. Or anywhere, for that matter, which is why the federal McKinney-Vento law protecting the right of homeless children to an education was written in the first place, which basically says the school district can't expel homeless children for not having a permanent address in the district. But that didn't stop Republican Mayor Richard Moccia of Norwalk, Connecticut. If you cannot stop the children, he reasoned, then arresting the parents would get those unseemly homeless kids out of the Norwalk schools lickity-split.

Lizard people. Emotionless, empathyless, cold-blooded, with no morality other than greed and avarice. Lizard people. Any person who would arrest a homeless parent for enrolling her child in school is lower than knee-high to a caterpillar. And a *majority* voted for these lizard people! Whether through stupidity or evil…. doesn’t say much for America and Americans. Either we’re too stupid as a nation to continue to exist, or too evil.

-- Badtux the Maudlin(*) Penguin

(*)Who, perhaps fortunately for his liver, is currently unable to drown his sorrows in herring sauce due to recovery from recent stomach disorder, sigh.


  1. deranged...and scum...both words fit...perfectly

  2. I think I've flogged that book "Political Ponerology" about sociopaths in comments before. To reiterate, people with no human empathy -- sociopaths -- are skilled at rising to positions of wealth and power. That's because they aren't constrained by consciences the way the rest of us are, so they seize opportunities to get ahead, even if it means polluting the planet or screwing folks unmercifully. But just because they're rich and ruthless doesn't mean they're smart. Powerful sociopaths tend to destroy things because of their ignorance and selfishness. Bummer when they so totally take over a society like the U.S. and run it into the crapper.

    So sorry that you have to stay on the sinking ship, Tux, but look at it this way -- you've had a decent life compared to most people on Earth today, and what you've had will be out of reach for most of those who will walk the Earth in the future. Take a moment to reflect on your good fortune.

  3. Only faith I have is that I shall faithfully document the U.S. slide to collapse, and salute as it goes under. Too bad I shall be watching the water rise over my own head as it happens, but so it goes.

    - Badtux the Pessimist Penguin

  4. And a *majority* voted for these lizard people! Whether through stupidity or evil…. doesn’t say much for America and Americans. Either we’re too stupid as a nation to continue to exist, or too evil.

    There are other possibilities, and that's what I was getting at yesterday at my post where you commented. Drive across the countryside anywhere with your car radio on. What will you find? Rush, Sean, Bill-O, Glen; and for variety - their local equivalents.

    And there is no news reporting coming from the corporate controlled media. Now, it looks like with budget cuts, even the BBC is going to have to go for corporate support.

    A functioning democracy is built on an intelligent and informed electorate. You think they're stupid. I think they're ignorant and misinformed, and it's no accident that that they are that way.

    It's another mile-marker on the road to serfdom.


  5. I don't think it is maudlin to look at the nation and find little or no cause for hope. I stick to the motto:
    If you aren't depressed, you aren't paying attention!"

  6. Your description of the lizard people is spot on.

    Unfortuantely I know people who actually believe that children choose to come into the world, and they choose everything that happens to them as children. Perhaps to assuage their own guilt...

  7. Not quite so, Badtux. The US, for the most part, elects its Senators by a plurality of the vote and not by a majority. It turns out that ten Republican House members and 3 Republican Senators were elected in 2010 by less than half the total votes.

    Most of these got quite close to 50.01%. Those under the clear majority were:

    Charles Bass, NH-2; John Runyan, NJ-3; Reneed Ellmers, NC-2; Francisco "Quico" Canseco, TX-23; Blake Farenthold, TX-27; Joe Walsh, IL-8; Chip Cravaack, MN-8; Kristi Noemi, SD-At Large; Joe Heck, NV-3 and Paul Gosar, AZ-1 in the House and Marco Rubio, FL; Mark Kirk, IL; and Lisa Murkowski, AK in the Senate.

  8. WASF. *sigh* I love my country, but much more stupidity from the lizard people, and I'm going to seriously consider moving to a more civilized locale....


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