Sunday, April 24, 2011

Say hello to Rosie

No no, not the ramblin' rose. Rosie the ROSEMARY. That little splotch of green near the foot of the step, between the rose bush and the new back fence.

Don't laugh. Imagine that little splotch of green being six feet tall and four feet wide, which is going to totally happen, if not overnight. Rosie's going to take up that corner quite nicely, thank you very much!

-- Badtux the Gardening Penguin


  1. It's so nice to have aromatic plants in the garden. I'm partial to lavender myself, but rosemary is nice, too.

  2. I've been told that lavender doesn't do well in our heavy clay soils here in the Silly Cone Valley. They get root rot. Thus no lavender :(. Oh well!

  3. And Rosey will have beautiful clusters of blue flowers

  4. You're right about our clay soils not being supportive of lavernder, so I grow mine in pots.

  5. Rosemary! Food Nirvana has arrived on your iceberg!

  6. Our lavender is in relatively light soil that has been amended up the wazoo. (Can soil be said to have a wazoo?) It's awfully close to a silver maple but tolerates the s.m.'s piggishness with rainwater. It also tolerates our zone 6a climate.

    The self-same climate makes me sputter with envy about your Rosie. Oh, Rosie, I shall enjoy looking down on you for the few months when I may. But really, I'll daydream about you producing spawn that can survive an Ohio winter.

    Enjoy, Badtux! I'm glad you're reviving enough to appreciate culinary herbs (apart from that old anti-nausea standby, ginger).

    Sungold at Kittywampus


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