Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things are getting scary out there

By now you've heard of the attack upon the Holocaust Museum by a crazed right-wing Freeper.

The problem is one that David Neiwert has been sounding the alarm about for over eight years now -- right-wing extremists pumped up by demagogues on the right, who, when fed untruths by people like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and etc., go even further unhinged until they crack and do bad things like attack the Holocaust Museum, kill an abortion doctor, make two different attempts upon President Obama's life (it has now been revealed), etc. Even Shepherd Smith at Fox (soon to be unemployed) is now sounding the alarm about the craziness out there, even though he doesn't point fingers at his own employer's contributions to it.

The level of rhetoric, of outright hatred, is reaching a level that even the Clinton Derangement Syndrome of the 1990's never reached. Like Neiwert, I've been following this for years, and the failure of all their nutty ideas during the Bush Administration has sent the extremists on the right completely off the ranch to the point where their connection with reality is absolutely non-existent. They really *do* believe that the guy in the phone company van below their tenement window is a FBI agent come to take their guns away on behalf of that Communist Nigerian Muslim secret Soviet mole, Obama Hussein. They've lost it, entirely. And you wonder why I blog as a penguin? Open your eyes, the friggin' crazies are out there and they're scary as hell and I like my fine feathered plumpness far too much to risk getting a beakfull of birdshot when I walk out of church one day!

-- Badtux the "The DHS was right" Penguin


  1. I agree , it is getting scary with so many crazies pulling guns . When I went to high school the "Panthers" had an armed office just down the street . The cops broke up demonstartions with low base Buckshot fired in the air . There was Son of Sam and a couple other mass murderer types . Charlie M , too . Now we got the right wingers , locked and loaded ! Does it ever stop ? Man been kiiling Man , since Cain slew Able , are we ONE bit better for it ? Don't think me a peacenick , I am well armed also , but it's the 21rst century now , can't we try something new for a change ?
    a puzzled w3ski

  2. Oh come on, it's hilarious! To paraphrase the late, great Bill Hicks: "Pro-lifers murdering people. AAAH HA HA HA! We're pro-life and we'll kill your ass to prove it!"

    Nothing screams "sanctity of human life" like putting a bullet in someone who performs a legal medical procedure you disagree with.

  3. I have never questioned your sagacity, BT.

    And you wonder why I blog as a penguin?



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