Thursday, June 11, 2009

And today on World Nut Daily...

  • WND proudly announces their support for disgraced / impeached "Judge" Roy Moore, who is running for governor of Alabama *again*. Dead Gus Hall is proud of Roy for upholding the nutty tradition of fringe candidates running every four years!
  • WND throws temper tantrum, whines "It's not fair, wah!" and stomps their widdle feets because Lamar Outdoor won't run their nutty Birther billboard. Lamar made decision that Birther stuff is crazy shit that would lose them more business than World Nut Daily and its tiny contingent of crazies would ever give them. WND blows fuse. Remember, folks, freedom is only when the other guy does what you want him to do!
  • WND ("we're even crazier than Glenn Beck!") admits: "We are losing America." Proposes more crazy as solution. Yeah, that'll work :-).
  • And finally, Shep Smith is a vewy bad man for calling the Birthers "nuts", so World Nut Daily ("We have a dozen Birther stories on our front page just to prove we're nuts too!") orders its readership to send Shep yet more nutty emails to make sure that Shep not only calls them nuts, but *knows* they're nuts. Yay World Nut Daily! Thanks for helping Shep figure these things out!
And now I need to go wash my eyeballs off...

-- Badtux the Nut-appreciatin' Penguin

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