Monday, June 08, 2009

Medicare For All would be, like, a NIGHTMARE!

Medicare For All would result in 900% taxes, waiting lists out the door, government making decisions about your healthcare, doctors won't work for Medicare rates, and Medicare will cause injured people to be thrown out of emergency room doors.

Wow, I didn't know that my grandmother was receiving such horrifying care from Medicare! Thank you, Dr. Dave, for letting me know just how horrible Medicare is. Those old people, 97% of whom say they're satisfied with Medicare? Obviously suffering from dementia because all us right-thing people (get it? "right"-thinking?) know that Medicare is a horrible nightmare because, well, we just *know*, don't bother our minds with facts okay? I mean, okay, so Medicare only has 3% overhead rather than 33% overhead like private insurance, but look, you would deny medical claims processors their 30% contribution to the economy caused by denying care, handling appeals, re-filling paperwork with a slightly different code set to get re-imbursed, etc.? Heresy! Why, these claims processors are entitled, ENTITLED I say, to their cushy insurance company jobs and anybody who would take their jobs away and make them, like, actually have to *work* for a living is UN-AMERICAN! F*** Yeah U S A U S A U S A!

So thank you for letting us all know about the nightmare that is Medicare. Now I can go tell my Granny that we should ban Medicare. Thing is, last time someone told her that, she beat that person over the head with her walking cane. Uhm, could I ask you a small favor? Could *you* go tell my granny that, like, Medicare is a nightmare and should be banned? Please? 'Cause I'm scared! (Whimper!).

- Badtux the Sarcastically Snarky Penguin


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  2. Actually, I'm surprised you left it up, which is why I re-posted it at my place, because it was a nice snarky piece of snark and it seemed a shame to have it just disappear into the ether :). Tighty righties generally get upset at my snark drive-bys. I'll go ahead and respond over on your own place, since I've already answered those questions here on my place.

    As for calling me a "Zombie", cool! Clearly you've been reading my blog and seeing that I'm a "ditto-head" who lets other people do my thinking for me and agrees 100% with my masters in the Obama administration, yeah right :). And now I need to get back to work, but I'll be by later!

    - Badtux the Healthcare Penguin

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  4. Well, I've been zapped by everybody from Red State to the Great Orange Satan (Daily Kos) when I snark about the stupid things they say, so I'm pretty familiar with the notion that if I post something I enjoyed writing, I better post it on my own blog if I want to enjoy seeing it later :).

    I have two -isms. The first is pragmatism -- what works, and what doesn't work. By and large, as you'll find out if you read my economics threads, capitalism is the best way to match consumer needs with supply of goods and services and thus "what works". Which is why capitalism is a good thing, not because of any moral or religious arguments. On the other hand, where capitalism clearly *doesn't* work, such as in the current U.S. healthcare funding sector, only an idiot would propose retaining it. It's all about what works -- not about ideology.

    The second ism I have is misanthropism. I frankly don't have a high opinion of human beings (thus why I am a penguin in a time of monkeys). They bleat talking points while following their leaders, they repeat stupidities without ever, like, going and checking the actual facts and statistics, and they don't even CARE what's true or not true, all they care about is "winning", whatever the fuck that is. And so many of them are fucking COWARDS, who shit their pants upon demand and are gullible fools who believe every scare story that anybody in authority tells them, without ever check to see, like, whether it's TRUE or not. That's what pissed me off about the 2003 invasion of Iraq -- I wanted those goddamned troops in Afghanistan attacking the sonofabitch who DID attack us on 9/11 (Osama bin Forgotten), not messing around in some godforsaken sandpit toppling some tinpot dictator who was no threat to anybody because we had his ass completely surrounded and contained -- but noooo, you fucking hairless monkeys just had to let Darth Cheney scare your fucking coward asses into believing, like, if the US didn't invade Iraq we'd all DIE or some shit like that. Jesus, humanity is such a buncha sheep-like cowards. So anyhow, that's my second ism -- misanthropism. And BTW, I don't have a higher opinion of the radical left either, thus why I've been kicked off of as many left wing blogs as right wing blogs...

    - Badtux the Misanthropic Penguin

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  7. And I just deleted your message, Dr. Dave, because you are an idiot who cannot read my posting rules. Your last post consisted of nothing but insults and has been deleted. All viewpoints are welcome here, but assholery is restricted to the penguin.

    I respect your right to hide the truth from your readers, but it doesn't make you any less a coward who wants to hide truth -- ACTUAL VERIFIABLE FACTS -- from your readers. If you want to come here and make actual comments espousing your viewpoint rather than just call me idiotic names like some asshole third grader, you're welcome to do so. But assholery WILL get deleted.

    And finally: You are a coward. You are a scared little coward, too scared of the truth to even read it. Go piss your pants on demand of your Party commissars about singlepayer healthcare and spread more lies about it, why don't you, and leave the serious people to talk about, like, actual FACTS and shit instead of ridiculous cowardly scare-mongering made-up stuff. Bye!

    - Badtux the "Rules are Rules"


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