Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Would Medicare For All be a nightmare for Americans? Well, let's look at the facts of a nationwide survey of Medicare and employer-provided insurance recipients: Medicare recipients are happier about their healthcare and access to doctors than recipients of employer-provided insurance are. 92% of the elderly are happy with the healthcare they receive via Medicare, and only 10% of them report problems finding a doctor that accepts Medicare, vs. 18% of those receiving employer-provided insurance who report problems finding a doctor who accepts their employer-provided insurance.

That last statistic startled me, given all the headlines in conservative journals about how doctors all over the nation were refusing to see Medicare patients. It appears that it's not just Medicare patients who are getting the shaft, doctors seem to be greatly reducing the number of insurance programs they accept new patients in across the board, and private insurance companies are getting hit even harder. But anyhow, if the notion is that Medicare For All would impose a "nightmare" upon the American people, the experience of actual Medicare For Prunes should dispel that notion... not that tighty righties care about those "fact" thingies (as Steven Colbert points out, if you're conservative it's okay to ignore inconvenient facts because facts have a liberal bias). But for the rest of us, this is an interesting fact to know.

-- Badtux the Facts-are-facts Penguin


  1. It's fairly easy to find facts and results to support common sense solutions to many of our problems ---but nooo the corporations must be fed first.

  2. And they get fat.

    And we starve.

    Too bad it's beyond our political reach to actually cause some change in the judiciary appointments by our Dems so we could abolish that Rethuglican-inspired "corporation = person" ruling* which led to our sure ruin.


    * Corporationhood

  3. The operating cost for Medicare would be at least 25% less than private insurance, since there would be no fat-cats skimming bonuses from the general fund.

  4. Stop making sense or I'll start liking you again.

  5. All I keep saying is that everyone should have a chance at getting the same Federal health care plan that our US Senators and Congresspeople have. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for the rest of us.

  6. The kicker being that Churchill his damn self was a Tory.

    Conservatives these days have more in common with the fascists who inflicted the Blitz on London in his day.


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