Sunday, June 21, 2009

Some random thoughts

  • If insurance companies profit by denying care (the current situation), that is what they will do. It's called "capitalism". Duh.
  • My condolences for all of those who were raised by a child-abusing SOB dad. Listening to all these people gush over how great their dad was on this Father's Day must be like getting massaged by a belt sander.
  • One whine the tighty righties have about Obama's health records proposal is that it infringes upon "medical privacy". Thing is, medical privacy doesn't exist. Google "Medical Information Bureau". Hmm, do I want my medical records maintained by a for-profit entity where I have no say in how they're used, or by We The People where there are strict privacy rules and where I can call my Congressman if I have a concern? Like, duh?
  • Today's Worst Person: Missouri lawmaker Cynthia Davis (Republican, nachurally) says child hunger is GOOD because it "motivates". And the bitch has the audacity to wear a cross around her neck, which is the symbol of a man who said to sell all you have and give the money to the poor?
  • The only problem with having the KKK adopt-a-highway is that they will only pick up the white trash.
  • Glenn Reynolds is proof that the gene pool in Tennesssee is so inbred that total cretins can become law professors there. Just sayin'.
Off to ride my Weestrom, I added hard-wiring for the GPS today. Talk about a PITA, had to take off the fuel tank, which is a major production compared to my old KLR.

-- Badtux the Sunday Penguin

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