Monday, June 22, 2009

And I haff POWER!

Over the weekend my old power supply in my Linux server failed, so I had to buy a new one today. I just finished putting it into the box -- it's a Corsair TX750W power supply. Not a big deal, just tedious to get it in there. Only real problem is that it doesn't have a fan control power output, so the fans on my Antec case *howl*. I gotta do something about that, all that racket is nerve-wracking...

I am in major hack mode right now, churning out entire subsystems per day, so don't have anything more interesting to blog at the moment. Will blog another health care post shortly -- there is just SO much misinformation out there, and there's a massive new proposed bill in the House that needs some careful study but it takes *time* to read 850(!) pages of legalese...

Oh yeah, right-wing fail for the day: I got a frantic email from one of my right-wing mailing lists about how ObamaCare was actually, uhm... A PLOT TO TAKE OUR GUNS AWAY!

For real. Seriously! Now, you can go look at the bill yourself and see that there is not a single reference in there to "gun", "firearm,", or "weapon" of any kind, but that's facts, and the right wing Depends squad is too busy shitting their pants over imagined threats to bother with measly little things like facts...

Sigh. Better idiots, please?

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. One of the things I find interesting (or disturbing) about the NRA is their recent fight to keep weapon sales available to people listed on the various terrorist watch lists (it was in the NY Times last week sometime). The NRA claims that being on the watchlist should not bar a person from owning or purchasing handguns, rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, or (apparently) even mortars, bazookas or tanks.

    Granted, the watch lists are not perfect (since they were established in the bushista-post-911-moozlim-terra era), and granted the NRA wants every 'murican family to be more heavily-armed than many countries, but it's still disturbing that the NRA supports "arming our enemies."

  2. C'mon, Mr. 618, lighten up!

    Who else could so willingly supply the weapons for the next (promised by Cheney) terr'ist strike?

    We don't wanna lose the business - and it's so good anyway for increases to our next military budgets!

    It's a win/win! (for the GOP funders)


    but it's still disturbing that the NRA supports "arming our enemies."

  3. better idiots?! but the ones we have now are so entertaining! healthcare is going to take away our guns -- srsly, how could anyone fail to be entertained by this?


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