Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A morbid thought

Cancer scares me. If I get sick I can't work, lose my job, lose my insurance (if unemployed obviously I can't pay the outrageous COBRA fees for continuation of my insurance, and as a single male federal law prohibits spending Medicaid funds on me) , and then I die.

Earlier I pointed out that to fund the 8% of US GDP of medical spending that is not already paid for via government, all we would need to do would be to pump up the Medicare tax to 4% apiece employer/employee to pay for a single-payer Medicare For All program. For the average worker my age in this area, who makes around $80K/year, he would *save* $1K per year over Kaiser-Permanente. Some youngster just starting out with a $20K/year job will end up paying $800/year for his health insurance. Now, one thing I did *not* mention is that I make a fair bit of money. I've done well in my career. Me, well, figure I'll be paying around $5,000 year and you'll be pretty close to target. But then, I already pay Kaiser-Permanente ("We import 3rd world doctors to you so you don't have to go to the 3rd world to get 3rd world medical care!") around $4200/year so that would not be a huge difference. But that's not the point.

My point, my point... I will gladly pay that $800/year difference just to be assured that if I get cancer (I worked in OIL REFINERIES when I was young, people! Connect the dots!) that I won't die for lack of access to cancer treatment. So yes, single-payer would personally cost me money *now* (though it will be cheaper for most families). But what is my life worth? Does it make sense for me to pay more now, to be assured that I will have access to proper medical care later? I think so. But then, I value my life greatly. If you don't value your own life... (shrug). Not much to say then.

-- Badtux the Morbid Penguin

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  1. Value your own life. What a concept!
    With that kind of thinking the next step is to think of others. BT you've got that covered. Last step, convince others to think about others. I'm pretty sure that most think about themselves but not in the most positive way. Example - people have asked me for 40 years why I wear a full coverage helmet when riding my motorcycle. My answer, because I have something to put inside.
    Same concept different direction. I also value my life, as well as the lives of others


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